Sat, Sep 4, 2021
5:00 in the afternoon
This event has ended

Event Details:

By popular demand, we're hosting another installment of this event...

Now is the time to start planning your lawn care needs for the fall. Any effort you invest in the fall will pay big dividends for the remainder of this year and all next year. 

This will be a comprehensive display of an actual renovation project, performed at the nursery. We'll discuss the benefits and need to core aerate, seeding, fertilize, weed control, lime, gypsum, mowing and watering. All these factors need to be considered on your lawn and as ALWAYS - move towards an organic program to sustain your lawn and protect the environment. 

We may go a little longer on this workshop and we'll allow time to answer any questions. 

All attendees will get a discount on lawn care products for the day of the event.