Sat, Feb 18, 2023
6:00 in the evening

Event Details:

Head to Decker's Nursery on February 18th from 1pm - 2:30pm and help us kick off the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Sadly, we had to curb this event during the Covid years and it was a favorite for many of our guests. Ironically, the GBBC occurs during Backyard Birding Month at Decker's Nursery. The Backyard Bird Count is an international occurrence sponsored by the Audubon Society. Millions of bird enthusiasts participate and everyone is welcome to get involved. 

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Kat Shewan is our host for the event at Decker's; and we're excited to have her back where she developed and promoted the expansion of our Birding Section. She made me aware that "Helping the birds in our backyards, has a direct correlation with the health and beauty of our natural environment", Birding has become a significant component of the Deckers' portfolio and we offer this event to hopefully inspire more people to get involved with Backyard Birding. Birds need our help all year, and whether you just enjoy watching them or want to help protect them; Birding is a great way to connect with nature. 

Kat's presentation will be geared to homeowners, beginners and every level of enthusiast that is interested in helping the birds. Although the Great Backyard BirdCount is a separate occurrence we encourage you to read more about it and it's likely that you'll feel confident enough to try counting a few birds after attending this event.