Sat, Jan 28, 2023
6:00 in the evening
This event has ended

Event Details:

The “Be Confident Using Houseplants in Your Home” event is a great opportunity to get personal assistance and advice from our expert Matt Gregory. Matt will cover all the basics of houseplant care and maintenance, from the common disorders homeowners experience when they introduce houseplants into their homes, to which plants are best suited for which indoor locations. He'll also review their individual cultures and requirements to help you determine what plants are best suited for your indoor locations.

Not sure what your conditions are? Bring photos and Matt will help you with plant selections or answer your specific questions. He'll also share his favorite houseplants and give advice on how to care for them. 

And don't forget that Decker's Nursery is offering FREE planting for any purchases when you buy a houseplant and planter. So come join us on January 28th at 1pm and let our expert Matt Gregory help you become more confident with using houseplants in your home. We look forward to seeing you there!