Sat, Oct 15, 2022
3:00 in the afternoon
This event has ended

Event Details:

"A Society Grows Great when Old Men Plant Trees they know they will never sit beneath"

Trees offer shade, flowers and aesthetic appeal. They attract wildlife and provide fruit to enjoy on summer days. Decker's Nursery has been promoting tree planting as part of our original mission since opening 13 years ago. This is an event we've been wanting to host for years.

Whether you're an experienced plant enthusiast or a recent city transplant whom has grown to appreciate trees we're certain this will help educate and motivate you to tackle planting and caring for your own trees and shrubs. 

We're going to host (3) "1 hour workshops" showing "Why", "Where", "When" and "How" to plant trees & shrubs. We'll discuss the common pitfalls and reason new trees don't survive.

Workshops will occur at 11AM, 1PM & 3PM.