Sat, Sep 17, 2022
5:00 in the afternoon
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Event Details:

Functional Gardens are gardens that, while having immense natural beauty, are also able to give back something to the greater environment. When looking to create a garden that is lively, active, and rewarding, many gardeners find that implementing native plants into their existing landscape is a fun, easy, and relatively low cost method of doing so.

While native plants are able to take the rigors of our region's environmental factors, they are also some of the most important plants that you can plant to provide food and shelter for our essential pollinator friends (birds, bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, and bats). The important thing to remember is that going 100% native is neither required, nor often feasible, but even implementing 1 or 2 native species into the landscape will produce a marked return when it comes to overall bioactivity.

This presentation is geared for homeowners and gardeners interested in using more Native's in their landscapes. We'll discuss the benefits of using Native Plants and share ways to diversify your selections, as well as how you're using them. There are several native plants that perform best in Autumn with brilliant fall foliage or late blooms that attract pollinators and fruit bearing plants that attract wildlife. Matt Gregory is going to bring an expanded selection of native plants for this event and will discuss many of them with our guests.

All Native Plants will be discounted for attendees so bring your wish list.