How to plant & maintain new trees, shrubs and perennials

From the day I opened Decker’s Nursery,  I’ve been wanting to have this workshop/lecture. We’ve not been able to fit it into our hectic spring schedule and this is the time and place when I finally get to share all the information I’ve been sharing with our customers for 10 years now.

After diagnosing tree and shrub problems for 30 years, I’ve noticed that many of the concerns we see in the landscapes are related to how new plants are installed or cared for. The most basic mission we have at Decker’s Nursery is to help homeowners be successful with their new plantings. We’re going to actually plant (3) types of plants; Balled & Burlaped tree, Containerized shrub and a perennial. Each of these plants have similar needs and each of them has unique needs. I’m going to share the common pitfalls and reasons that new plants don’t survive or perform well.

We’re going to take a little over an hour to do this presentation and I hope all of you will join us. I’ll be available the rest of the day to answer any questions you have with your landscapes.