Landscape Plants

Beauty, transcended

Ready to go above and beyond what you ever thought possible? You’ve come to the right place. Balance and diversity are important concepts found in nature and at Decker’s Nursery, we can help you create a perfectly balanced combination of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals to provide diverse and multiple benefits throughout the year. Whether you’re seeking companion plants to complement an existing landscape, or creating a comprehensive design, the knowledgeable staff at Decker’s will guide and inform you with all your plant selections.

Trees and shrubs provide structure and define space in the garden. Perennials enhance and merge the gardens into a naturalized setting and their ornamental benefits include flowering as well as textures and colors. Annual flowers create the “wow” effect and they can be used independently in planters around your outdoor living areas, or in mass along garden perimeters and borders.

Trees & Shrubs

Every year we receive dozens of deliveries of trees and shrubs – including hundreds of species in different sizes to fit any project, especially yours. We display them beautifully around the nursery for you to enjoy and experience. Only the best specimens are chosen to represent Decker’s Nursery. New this year: a Dwarf Conifer Collection you just have to see.


You will be more than impressed, you will be DAZZLED by our perennial selections. Our expertise in perennials is unmatched and that’s why you should start your project at Decker’s Nursery. Perennials are sensitive to their location and environment. Using the right plant in the proper location will assure a spectacular result. We display perennials according to their bloom period (4 to 6 weeks). You can rely on us to help you create a magnificent rotational display of color at your home and in your gardens.

Annual Flowers

Annuals are the finesse components of a landscape, providing a graceful and colorful treat for the senses. When you experience a well designed annual border that extends to infinity, you realize there is a different beauty, only available from nature. These colors can’t be contrived, they can only be created. Let the experts at Decker’s Nursery help you find the best ways to incorporate the beauty of annual flowers into your gardens and planters.

Bring Your Ideas To Life

Remember that the growing season on Long Island is March through November. Let us show you how to enhance your enjoyment of nature by expanding the diversity of your landscape plants and exposing new color and beauty.

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