Long Island Landscaping Design & Architectures

Perhaps nothing can bring more natural beauty to your home, and more satisfaction to you, than an imaginatively designed and perfectly created landscape. Think about it. The kaleidoscope of colors, the invigorating scents, the connection with nature itself. As a full-service garden center, Decker’s Nursery is ready to assist you in turning your dreams into reality. Whether you’re looking for an elaborate landscape installation that will astound you and everyone who sees it or an enhancement to your existing landscape, or simply need maintenance...we will provide the finest solutions to your complete satisfaction.

Benefits of Professional Landscape Design

Landscape design can be a huge project depending on the size of your yard and the size of your dreams. For the best outcomes, hiring a professional landscape designer is definitely the way to go. Professionals can work with the ideas that you have to create a design that will look natural while fitting into your budget. They know the best plants for your area as well as those that are easy to maintain. In addition, they will walk you through every step of your project from the planning phase to the finishing touches.

The experts at Decker’s Nursery are homeowners ourselves. We understand how important the look of your home’s landscape is to you and how the beauty of the property surrounding your home can make all the difference. Of course, besides the aesthetic look of a magnificently designed landscape, the value of your home can also be greatly enhanced by a creative and experienced approach to landscape design.

Decker’s Nursery can design and install a landscape at your home (or at your business) that we know you’ll just love. Our many years of experience, exceptional knowledge, and creative inspirations can transform any home’s exterior into something you’ll agree is worthy of the front page of a magazine. No project is too small or too large, and we simplify the entire process to make it as easy as possible for you.

Our Landscaping Services

Decker’s Nursery provides a complete range of services specifically designed to beautify your landscape and keep it looking great. One visit to our showroom and you’ll quickly realize that the possibilities are indeed endless. Using our Garden Center as an idea-starting showroom, we display a wide array of plants and other landscape products then we add the kind of expertise that can take imaginative landscape design to a whole new level. Along with our creative design suggestions, you can be confident knowing that any work we do at your home will be performed professionally.

At Decker’s Nursery, we display thousands of plants in our gardens. Our experts select these plants very carefully based on how well they will thrive in this region’s climate as well as ornamental benefits – and we display them to inspire you with the creation of your landscape vision.

No matter what size project you have, we can help. No project is too big or too small.

Popular Landscaping Projects

Some of the most popular landscape projects we perform are:

  • Create a design and install a planting that screens your neighbor’s properties.
  • Remove and restore the foundation plantings around the house and terraces.
  • Fill the outdoor living areas with Flowers – selecting beautiful planters and the best flowers for the location to make sure you enjoy all your time outdoors.
  • Perennial Gardens of every size including naturalization of open areas that have been neglected.
  • Transplanting and re-designing the gardens to fix previous design flaws.
  • We’ll never refuse to plant a single tree. We know that many times this single tree can bring as much pleasure as an entire botanical garden.

You can be confident that the plants installed by Decker’s Nursery will perform well. We take the time and effort to make sure that every plant is installed properly. We plant thousands of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals...one plant at a time.

Once the planting is completed, we will advise and guide you on the post-care and maintenance required to keep your investment healthy. Remember too that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Let us know how we can help you with all your home landscaping and planting needs. Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Landscape Design & Architecture FAQs

If your yard is looking a bit plain or if you have recently added a feature to your home, such as a sidewalk or patio, professional landscape design can help you define your space and add beauty and interest to the area. This investment not only can raise your curb appeal but also help you create a welcoming outdoor space for your family and friends.

What is landscape design?

Landscape design is defined as artistically using plants, sidewalks, and other hardscape and softscape features to create a gorgeous outdoor space that draws in the eye with great balance and unity. Hardscape refers to non-plant materials, such as fences, steps, benches, and walkways. Softscape refers to all types of plants, including flowers, bushes, trees, and grass. While landscape design is part science as it works with a variety of plants, it also includes plenty of art as the entire outdoor area must feel cohesive. Designs may be formal or informal but should ideally be created around one particular use for the given area.

What are the benefits of landscaping?

There are a variety of benefits of landscaping your yard, and they focus on both environmental as well as personal advantages. For example, increasing the amount of grass and plants in your yard can cool off the area while planting trees around your home can reduce heating and cooling costs all year long. In addition, plants of all types cleanse the air, removing carbon dioxide while creating oxygen.

However, you will probably notice the personal benefits to your yard more readily. Surrounding yourself with a variety of plants can improve your life, decrease your stress and even decrease your blood pressure, according to some studies. It also helps you create welcoming spaces in your yard that you can use for daily relaxation, backyard parties and play areas for your children.

Finally, landscaping can increase your property’s value by improving curb appeal. Some studies have shown that quality landscaping may be able to boost the value of your property by over 10 percent in some cases.

What is the difference between landscape design and landscape architecture?

Landscape design usually refers to outdoor design projects in smaller residential spaces. Landscape designers may have educational backgrounds in this field or they may be self-taught. However, they usually work primarily with plants and other softscape materials rather than with the hardscape.

On the other hand, a landscape architect is licensed with the state and has a degree in landscape architecture. These individuals work in both residential and commercial areas and can help with softscape and hardscape features, including retaining walls, driveways, walkways, parking lots and other outdoor structures.

How much does it cost for a landscape design?

The cost of a quality landscape design depends on a variety of factors, most notably the size of the yard, the desired features and the company hired. The professional plan itself can cost anywhere from $300 to $2,500 depending on how elaborate it is. While plants vary in price dramatically, the average cost for every square foot is $11 for simple softscape plans. Plans with hardscape features, such as retaining walls, could cost as much as $23 per square foot.

How do I choose a landscape designer?

When you are ready to landscape your outdoor space, you want to be sure to find a professional with whom you feel comfortable and who has adequate experience in your area. You can start by talking to friends who live nearby as well as to neighbors who may have had a great experience with a local designer in the past.

When you start looking into landscape designers on your own, be sure to ask plenty of questions. Find out how much experience they have and whether they have a portfolio of past projects. You can also ask to visit a site that they are currently working on to get a sense of how the landscape crew works together and how the project is managed.

Can I do my own landscape design?

You can certainly create your own landscape design, but this is only recommended if you have at least some experience with local plants and design work. Investing in some low-priced design software can help you get your project off the ground.

However, in most cases, it is best to have a landscape design professional help you with at least some of the work. For example, if you are familiar with planting and have a green thumb, you may still want to have a professional look over your plans and examine your yard to look for any potential problems.

At Decker’s Nursery, we offer many resources to help you along your landscaping journey, including experienced professionals who will help you know which plants grow best in our zone. Before beginning work on your own, ensure that you have some gardening skills, consider your timeframe and budget and be careful not to buy pieces or plants impulsively.

Are certain plants better for landscaping than others?

When choosing plants for your landscaping project it’s important to know your limitations. Unless you have a green thumb and love to spend hours in your garden every week, you will probably prefer low-maintenance plants that require little care from you throughout the year. For example, perennials, such as hostas, daylilies, and peonies, are excellent choices because they come back to life every spring. As for annuals, some of the easiest ones to care for include snapdragons and caladium. A majority of small to moderate-sized shrubs, including butterfly bush and spiraea, only require a light trimming each year.

How do I choose the perfect landscaping plants?

The perfect landscaping plants for you will depend not only on your personal preferences but also on your yard. You must consider your gardening zone, which for Long Island is zone 7. In addition, you should consider your soil quality, soil drainage and the amount of sunlight or shade that your yard receives each day. These variables will help you determine which plants will grow best in your yard. In general, aim for a mixture of shrubs, perennials, and annuals in your design to create depth and interest.

Where can I find landscape design and architecture on Long Island?

At Decker’s Nursery, we offer landscape design and architecture services for homes and commercial properties throughout Long Island. Our professionals can examine your outdoor space, create basic or detailed plans, help you choose the best plants for your space and do all of the hard work for you. We have worked on numerous projects of all sizes and know that the perfect landscape design can turn an otherwise boring space into a paradise of color and natural beauty.