Lawns are an integral component of your landscapes

Understanding why we need to maintain our lawns is important. How you decide to maintain your lawn, and what your expectations are - is a personal preference. This is why we opted to change the annual presentation on lawn care. We want to help with your needs and not the conventional understanding.

Decker’s Nursery doesn’t advocate an Organic approach or Conventional Programs. We consider it our responsibility to provide information that allows you to make these personal decisions.

We do advocate knowledge when it comes to Lawn Care. Get away from the false mis-perceptions and information perpetuated on the internet. Use research as well as our decades of experience to find your way.

Again, our experts will be readily available to help you set a program that works for you. We’ll help you select the products you require to be successful. If you want to replace your existing lawn contractor by doing it yourself, or want to know more so you can manage your contractor. This weekend is for you. Be sure to ask about Humate.

We Look Forward to spending time with you. All your questions will be answered!!

Refreshments available.

If you decide to tackle the maintenance yourself - All your Lawn Care Purchases are discounted 10% this weekend only. Through 5PM Sunday March 24.