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Decker’s Nursery can help you add elegance to your landscape by incorporating the perfect accents and providing our many years of experience to bring it all to glorious life. Large and colorful planters with brilliant flowers flowing over the sides will enhance any living area. A finely sculpted statue that represents your thoughts and passions can personalize your gardens. The sound of running water falling into a pond will create a soothing and relaxing environment. Outdoor Living is a cherished lifestyle on Long Island, and there’s a true art to optimizing that lifestyle. Let Decker’s Nursery help you select the “finer things” for your garden and outdoor living areas.

We want to let you in on our secret: Decker’s Nursery is overflowing with pottery, all just waiting for you to behold and explore. There’s an enormous selection of shapes and sizes...with pottery from all over the world. Choose from Vietnamese and Chinese pottery that displays thick heavy construction for year-round use. A diverse selection of Malaysian and Italian pottery is sure to provide the perfect “piece” for enhancing your outdoor living area.

This year we moved the statuary garden to “higher ground” where the large selection of planters has room to be admired. If you’re considering permanent planters for your landscape and want to make a statement that will communicate your extraordinary decorating taste – please be sure to review the many selections at Decker’s.

If your creativity is stirring and you want to add a personal touch to your gardens, consider a piece of statuary that reflects your personality. Whether it’s a religious statue, a cute animal, or even an interpretive piece, you’re sure to enjoy the special feeling that comes with sitting in the garden, relaxing and admiring your statuary...alone with your thoughts or with guests.

Fountains are yet another way to soothe the mind and body in an outdoor living space. The sound of running water is primitive. What is it about the methodic pattern of water falling into water that calms us? Fountains provide a peace of mind that is so innate we don’t even realize it’s occurring. Let Decker’s Nursery assist you with your fountain selection and set-up.

Decker’s Nursery is a Preferred Vendor for many manufacturers that create statuary and fountains. If you don’t find the perfect selection in our gardens, we can browse manufacturers’ websites to find hundreds of beautiful items that are available in their showrooms. Once again, our staff will assist with your selection to assure the process is easy and complete.

In addition to pottery, statuary and fountains, hundreds of other great garden art ideas are always displayed among our gardens – including obelisks, topiary, trellises, window boxes, and much more.

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