Tree Care

Over a quarter century of dedication

Trees is where it all started for Decker’s Nursery. Conrad Decker began his horticultural career as a tree climber more than 25 years ago. Conrad is recognized as a Tree Expert and continues to dedicate himself to the preservation of the mature trees and shrubs in our landscapes. The Tree Preservation division of Decker’s Nursery provides a comprehensive realm of services.

Tree Populations (the amount of trees growing) in our urban and suburban areas have a direct correlation to our quality of life and the condition of our immediate environment. Conrad Decker’sSustainability Philosophy is carried out every day at the Nursery: If we preserve the mature trees in our sprawling urban areas and continue to plant new trees and shrubs with an opportunity to mature, we can reverse the damage that has been done to our environment.

The Continued Damage of Hurricane Sandy

The fear that developed as a result of Hurricane Sandy facilitated the important work of Decker’s Nursery Tree Preservation division. It’s vital that homeowners and property owners know a few things before destroying any tree:

  • The more trees that grow in proximity to each other, the safer the “grove” becomes. Removing a single tree from a grove of existing trees may facilitate tree failure.
  • Tree Risk Assessment is more of a science than ever before. It requires years of experience and an understanding of Tree Physiology to make the best decision for the property owner and the tree. The use of new technology provides better and more complete data in making a tree risk assessment.
  • Proper maintenance can reduce the risk associated with large trees. Proper pruning, fertilization and pest management will protect your family.
  • Bad pruning is worse than no pruning. Improper pruning creates wounds to trees that lead to decay and loss of structural integrity. Don’t make the mistake of using a “discount” arborist for pruning.
  • Sometimes a tree needs to be destroyed to protect the family and general public. Don’t take the decision lightly and have a comprehensive examination performed before deciding how to proceed with any tree that concerns you.
Call Decker’s Tree Preservation today at (631) 261-1196 for a complimentary consultation. We offer the following services to assist you:
  • Pruning. All classifications of pruning with clear objectives.
  • Cabling & Bracing. Mechanically correct structural defects.
  • Deep Root Fertilization. Provide trees and shrubs with nutrients and bio stimulants that they require to be healthy. We recognized immeasurable benefits of this service during Hurricane Sandy.
  • Pest Management Services. Monitor and treat damaging insects and diseases that compromise your investment in the landscape. We only use products that provide the necessary results with minimal impact on the environment.
  • Tree Risk Assessments. It’s always informative if you participate in the evaluation.