A special new mix for Cardinals. Now featuring Golden Safflower.

Cardinals are America’s favorite backyard bird. The male’s brilliant plumage and loud, slurred whistles attract attention and admiration. Northern Cardinals often visit feeders in pairs, making it easy to observe courtship, feeding and other bonding behavior. On a cold, snowy day a yard full of cardinals is the essence of winter.

Lyric Cardinal is formulated with the cardinal’s feeding habits and nutritional needs in mind. Independent testing confirms that cardinals relish each of the seeds. Frequently, cardinals and other large-billed birds will toss aside smaller seeds as they search for sunflower. Our large-seed mix is ideal for them. It will eliminate the wasted seed common in more conventional mixes. Another benefit is squirrels don’t like safflower. There is more seed left for the birds to eat when you use safflower.
  • Contains larger seeds which Northern Cardinals and other big billed birds like Blue Jays prefer.
  • Contains over 70% sunflower seeds.
  • Attracts cardinals, jays, grosbeaks, nuthatches, titmice, chickadees and more.