Finches differ from most songbirds that visit backyard feeders in that they eat seeds almost exclusively all year long. During the nesting season finches continue to eat seed and even feed them to their nestlings. This makes Lyric Finch Mix an ideal year-round food.

The most widely distributed and well known North American finch is the American Goldfinch. It is often called a wild canary. From May through September the male’s brilliant yellow and black plumage makes it unmistakable. Females are a more muted olive green. During the non-breeding season, males assume a female-like winter plumage.
  • Premium blend attracts more finches and other small songbirds to your feeders.
  • Five nutritional ingredients is a special mix of small seeds small songbirds love.
  • Attracts House Finches, Purple Finches, American Goldfinches, sparrows and many more.