Frequently Asked Questions

Wild Bird Supplies Frequently Asked Questions

  • What birding supplies do I need to get started with birding?

    You don’t have to make a big investment in bird supplies to have a variety of birds come to your yard. You can start with a setup that’s as simple as one bird feeder, bird seed, and a source of water! 

    When you’re ready to go a step further, we have a great selection of bird supplies, birdbaths and fountains, flowering plants that birds love, and trees to provide shade and shelter. Decker’s Nursery even carries birdhouses that add charm to your outdoor space and the perfect spot for your favorite birds to nest. 

  • What items will allow me to attract more species of birds to my yard?

    There are several keys to attracting a variety of birds. Here are a few of the most important:

    • Different birds have their unique preferences in types of bird feeders. Tray or platform feeders, for example, attract a wide variety of birds, from sparrows to grosbeaks. Smaller birds such as chickadees and finches love tube feeders, while suet feeders are irresistible to woodpeckers and jays. Consider which types of birds that frequent your area you want to attract, and provide a feeder just for them.
    • Water will attract all types of birds, even those that aren’t interested in bird feeders. Fountains are ideal, since they keep the water from becoming stagnant and, depending on the design, can be good for both drinking and bathing. Decker’s Nursery carries a wide range of fountains, so there’s one to suit your landscape style.
    • A few “woodsy” spots in your yard can make it really attractive to birds. Dense shrubbery and shade trees provide safe cover where birds will wait to make sure the coast is clear before they go to your feeders and water sources. 
  • Is there one kind of bird feed that all kinds of birds will eat?

    Offering a variety of bird feed will, of course, increase your chances of attracting a wider variety of birds, but there are some types that are popular with many species. These include black oil sunflower seed, thistle (or Nyjer), suet, and even peanuts and orange slices. You’ll be surprised at how many birds will put your yard on their regular rotation with just a couple of types of bird feed.

  • What products do I need to attract hummingbirds?

    Hummingbirds are one of the most-desired visitors to any birder’s yard for good reason: These tiny birds are entertaining and beautiful. It can take several weeks for a hummingbird to find your feeder, but it’s worth the wait.

    To attract hummingbirds, hang a hummingbird feeder that’s designed especially for them. This type of feeder is made to hold a combination of sugar and water, which gives hummingbirds the same energy as plant nectar. You shouldn’t add red food coloring or anything else to your sugar-water mix—the red color on your hummingbird feeder is enough. You can also provide the plants that hummingbirds love, such as native plants with orange or red tubular blooms. For help in person, come to Decker’s Nursery in Greenlawn, NY for help choosing the hummingbird feeder and the plants that will keep these flying jewels coming back to your yard year after year.