If you only want to use one feed and attract the greatest variety of wild birds, then it’s Cole's Blue Ribbon Blend all the way. A traditional mix done right, Cole's guarantees you’ll get the best combination of perch and ground feeding birds with this one.

Perch feeders come looking for sunflower and boy do they get it with Blue Ribbon! Ground feeders go crazy for their favorites, white millet and cracked corn. It’s a Win-Win for everyone! Try it and see the difference at your feeder.
  • Black Oil Sunflower, Sunflower Meats, White Proso Millet, Cracked Corn.
  • Cardinals, titmice, chickadees, Goldfinches, juncos, White-throated sparrows, Indigo Bunting, wrens, grosbeaks, woodpeckers, towhees, and many many more.
  • Designed to attract a maximum variety of birds and keep them coming back.