Once known as a favorite of Cardinals, Safflower is also a lifesaver for those of you having trouble with squirrels or large "nuisance" birds. Since most squirrels and blackbirds don't like the bitter taste, it is an easy way to send a message to any undesirable visitors. So if you're tired of feeding more squirrels and annoying flocks of "squakers" than beautiful songbirds. Safflower is definitely for you. Ingredients: Safflower Seed

  • Attract cardinals, nuthatches, titmice and chickadees
  • Most squirrels and blackbirds will not eat
  • Safflower is a special seed that strongly attracts cardinals, nuthatches, titmice and chickadees
  • It contains black oil sunflower, sunflower meats, black striped sunflower, raw peanuts, safflower, pecans