Why a special mix for woodpeckers?
Woodpeckers rank high on most people’s list of favorite birds. They are entertaining to watch, fascinating to hear and handsomely marked. With their stiff tails and unique toe arrangement (two forward, two back), woodpeckers are true acrobats. Visiting pairs often stay in contact with distinctive calls. Most males sport a flashy splash of red. It is no wonder that people find woodpeckers immensely appealing.

Lyric Woodpecker is a premium, specially formulated, no waste mix. The various nuts, dried fruits and corn make this a favorite food for woodpeckers and many other wild birds.
  • Special mix of nuts, fruits and sunflower seeds that woodpeckers love.
  • Excellent source of protein and fat for wild birds.
  • Ideal for woodpeckers, jays, nuthatches, chickadees and more.