Valley Farms Brand Cracked Corn is a No Waste product that can be feed to wild birds, ducks, geese, and other wild fowl. We have cleaned this product so as not to have such a dusty corn. (corn, especially cracked corn is notoriously dusty) This can be used as a distraction for squirrels in a separate feeding station which is positioned away from the wild bird feeders. This can work very well to prevent the squirrel from being the little trouble makers that they are! Other than this, feed the ducks! Made in USA with quality.
  • Feed the Ducks! Not only... also geese or any wild birds will readily eat Cracked Corn
  • Use as a preventative for squirrels as they are distracted by a separate feeding station away from wild bird feeders!
  • Made in the USA with care, quality, and love for wildlife.