For more than a decade, hundreds of families have relied on Decker’s Nursery to provide the freshest, highest quality Christmas trees around. We’ve always embraced the opportunity to be a part of your holiday season and we consider ourselves lucky that so many of you have put your trust in us!

With life mostly getting back to normal after a couple of crazy years, having the opportunity to make sure this holiday season is memorable for all of our loyal customers is something that excites us. We know that many of you consider finding the perfect Christmas tree a vital part of your holiday tradition and after the success we had with our Christmas tree pre-booking in the past, we wanted to provide the same opportunity again this year.

How Does It Work?

From now until Friday, November 18 we are offering the option for interested customers to “pre-book” their Christmas tree online. By doing so, you’ll get very first access to our beautiful selection of trees as soon as they arrive. We’re making the most popular sizes of our Balsam Fir & Fraser Firs available (from 5 feet to 10 feet) which are consistently the highest quality and most reliable trees that we receive. You're sure to love them.

The process is pretty simple, when you’re ready, you just choose the type and size of the tree you want. Add it to your cart and check out. We’ll collect some contact information from you and you’ll pay for your tree online at which time we’ll email you a receipt that will act as your proof of purchase.

Important Dates

Beginning Monday, November 21st we’ll offer 3 days of private viewing (through Wednesday, November 23rd) where only the individuals that pre-booked with us will be able to come pick out their perfect tree. Once you’ve picked out your tree, you are not obligated to take it with you. We’re happy to hold it and you can pick it up whenever you would like. If you would like assistance with delivery or set up, we can make those arrangements during your visit.

In Partnership With Trees For Troops

As a part of our holiday season efforts we're excited to continue our partnership with a wonderful organization named Trees For Troops. Last year we had the opportunity to partner with them and between a direct donation from us and proceeds from every tree purchase, we were able to raise over $1,500. That money went directly to making sure that the wonderful men and women that protect our great country had Christmas trees available to celebrate the holidays no matter where in the world they are located. This year, we're trying to do more and we would love your help! We'll once again show our support by making a direct donation of $1500 but for the entire holiday season we'll also be collecting donations at checkout for anyone that feels inclined to contribute. All donations will be added to our minimum donation and 100% of the money collected will go to the Trees For Troops organization. We're excited about this partnership again this year and look forward to growing our relationship with them for years to come. If you're interested, you can learn more about the work their doing on their website or you can read a more personal story of what they provide at

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If any of this sounds interesting to you and you're ready to prebook your Christmas tree now, you can head over to to get started! If you're still unsure, let me answer a few of the most frequently asked questions below...

  • Am I required to prebook a Christmas tree or can we just come to the store when we're ready?

    Pre-booking your tree is not a requirement in any way! We’ll continue to offer our Christmas trees to the public as we do every year. If getting first access to the available trees isn’t as important to you, or if you just won’t be able to pick out your tree during the scheduled private viewing dates, it likely makes more sense to come at your own leisure. As always, we'll be selling Christmas trees to the general public all the way through Christmas eve, we just wanted to try and do something nice for our loyal customers to ensure they get the "cream of the crop." Christmas trees will be available for purchase to the public beginning Friday, November 25th.

  • I pre-booked my Christmas tree last year but there were a lot of trees that weren't on display when I arrived. Should I expect the same this year? 

    Last year we had several factors that fought against us and resulted in a delay in getting the majority of our Christmas trees on display in time for the first private viewing day. It was a disappointment to some individuals who showed up bright and early on day #1 and we felt horrible about that. If you were one of those, we're truly sorry. That said, we're making every effort to ensure that doesn't happen again this year. We've factored in extra preparation days and are hiring additional help to get the trees on display for you. We're adamant about making sure we're ready for our pre-bookers come Monday, November 21st and we appreciate your understanding. We don't expect it but if anything changes, we'll be sure to communicate with you directly.

  • Won't the tree last longer if I purchase it closer to Christmas? 

    Actually, no! Selecting a tree closer to Christmas does not mean the tree is fresher. In fact, the opposite is true. We're required to take delivery of all of our Christmas trees at once and we are not able to order more. That means trees are actually at their freshest when they arrive in our yard. The sooner you can get your tree into a basin with water, where it’s able to “drink” and remain hydrated, the longer it will last. Don't let that misperception dissuade you from getting your tree early. If you get your tree early, and ensure it's got a suitable water supply, we’re certain it will last well through the holiday.

  • What happens if we prebook our tree but want a different type or size when we arrive?

    Not a problem! If you decide you would like a differently priced tree when you arrive, we'll happily make the necessary adjustments during your visit.

  • Will you deliver and/or set up our tree for us?

    Of course! We offer delivery and set up options anywhere on Long Island. Be sure to speak with one of our sales associates when you visit and they'll provide you with details on timing and pricing.

  • Can I use my Frequent Flower Club cash back rewards to pay for part, or all, of my tree during the prebooking period?

    That's a great question and the answer is, YES! We absolutely welcome you to use your cash back rewards to prebook your Christmas tree. If you would like to do so, we'll just need to make one minor change to the process. Instead of going through the entire purchase process online, just shoot an email to us at and let us know you'd like to use your cash back rewards to prebook your tree. We'll respond to you with a personal link that will automatically apply your cash back to your order and you'll only pay the difference (or nothing if your rewards cover the entire cost of your tree).

  • I've heard Christmas trees are going to be significantly more expensive this year. Is that true?

    Sadly, what you're hearing may be accurate. You're likely keenly aware of the costs of every day items going way up and it sounds like, given the state of our economy, the Christmas tree industry is not immune to this inflation. That said, we've made a concerted effort to prevent any significant price increases on our Christmas trees this year. We've got a great relationship with our Christmas tree grower which has helped us minimize any unexpected costs. Additionally, we were very intentional with how we purchased our trees knowing that we wanted to prevent those increases. We know that Christmas is a special time of year for so many people and we're excited to be able to minimize the financial impact it has. Thank you so much for continuing to support your local garden center.

  • You didn't answer my question!

    That's not a question! If you happen to have any other questions or would like additional information about the prebooking process, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. Feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.