Planting Guide

Planting Landscape Trees and Shrubs Think of the tree and/or shrubs you purchased as an investment, or as a new pet.  How well your new nursery plant performs,  depends on the way it is installed,  and how you care for it during the first 2 years.  If you purchased your tree at Decker's Nursery, we're confident that the selection is appropriate for the desired location. If you decide to install the tree yourself, please follow the directions provided below.  Don't forget the old adage, "Put a...

Conrad's Corner January 18, 2024

During winter months, we spend a lot of time looking for ways to help our customers, and the communities we serve. At a Trade show in Baltimore, we were looking for ways to improve our line of aquatic plants, and pond products. We found some great i...

Pruning Simplified

I had two primary visions when we opened Decker's Nursery. I wanted it to be easier for homeowners and property managers to plant more trees and shrubs; and to provide a resource center for accurate information. It's been my experience that most tre...

Evergreens for New Plantings in your Landscape

Choosing the right tree or shrub for your landscape could be a difficult task. In this video Conrad Decker will go through some Evergreens that are great for new plantings.

Choosing the Correct Soil & Compost for your Garden

There are so many different soils and compost to choose from. Which one is the right one? Should you buy potting soil, raised bed soil mix, or compost? In this video Conrad Decker will try to sort out this confusion and show you which product to use...

Popular East Plants 2023

Come visit Decker's Nursery and checkout our great selection of Easter & House plants.

How to Prune Roses

Pruning promotes growth. Every cut results in healthy growth that will eventually bear flowers. Pruning determines plant shape. In this video Conrad will cover your need to know basics for pruning roses.

use potting soil for indoor plants

Why Use Potting Soil for Your Indoor Plants

To answer that question, first consider what plants in general need to grow and thrive: sunlight, water, oxygen, and food. As part of this equation for indoor plants, it’s crucial to use the right type of soil that allows for proper drainage—and that...