Here’s the good news, we’re expecting a cool spring season. Here’s the bad news, it’s going to be a wet spring season. What does this mean for your garden?

  1. Flowers, Flowers and more flowers. Spring annuals perform optimally when the weather’s cool. Stay with the Pansies, and absolutely lots of Ranunculous to provide the color we so desperately need following winter. The Daffodils, Hyacinths and Tulips (bulb material) will giveth and taketh away. Then they return next year.
  2. We’re going to begin introducing Impatiens again. After 3 long years, the return is here. You’ve been so patient and understanding.; hopefully you’ve found nice alternatives that you’ve fallen in love with. Be sure to stay with some of the alternatives because the Impatiens still have some concerns. Use them sparingly and responsibly. Mix in some of your new favorites and VOILA! You have a healthier, more interesting display of flowers.
  3. Vegetable seedlings may require more time inside this year. You know the dilemma each year. If you expose them too early, all your seeding efforts go down the drain. Stay informed using our website and emails. You’re going to know the best time to start planting your seedlings in the garden. We’ll advise you of the best timing and advise when the new line of vegetables and organic vegetables arrive.
  4. Make a renewed commitment to fertilizing. Each year we become more aware of the lack of fertilizing in our gardens and landscapes. Think of it this way. A healthy plant has fewer problems. Plants defend themselves more efficiently, than we can. Sure we have treatments and remedies who wants to be bothered with that? Regular fertilization will keep your plants healthier. Just be sure to follow the directions.