We've received a number of questions about the status of our scheduled events. While we'd love to continue to host you in person, we've been forced to postpone any events that would attract a large gathering of people. That said, we're doing everything we can to keep the educational content coming because it's a core part of our desire to share knowledge and to be Your Garden Resource Center.

Until we're certain how & when the state of New York will allow our gatherings to return to normal we'll do our best to continue to share educational resources here on our website in the Garden Learning Center, on our YouTube channel and via our regular newsletter that goes out to our active Frequent Flower Club members.

We're continuing to make investments into technology that will allow us to bring more of our events & workshops online and we've ramped up our video production to ensure that we're regularly sharing helpful information in short, easily digestible video form for everyone. Seriously, check out the Decker's Nursery YouTube channel and be sure to hit that subscribe button!

In the meantime, if you're looking for information on anything in particular, or need help finding a specific resource, we welcome you to contact us any time. We're here to help.