Plant Material Installed By You

Decker's Nursery makes every effort to assure the plants we offer for sale are of the highest quality. We guarantee that any plants we offer for sale are free of damaging pests that may compromise the plant. We also guarantee that all plants are identified properly and always represent the species of plant you are purchasing. Most importantly, we guarantee that all plants we offer for sale receive the necessary care and maintenance that assures their performance when they get to your home. This maintenance is what separates Decker's Nursery from other plant retailers and is performed routinely by our staff and is managed with the highest regards to professionalism. 

Plants, by nature, are not free of blemishes and you're encouraged to ask about any visual concerns you notice. Our sales staff is willing to answer your questions and we guarantee NOT to sell a plant that we think may be compromised. 

Because Decker's cannot be responsible for the care of any plants after they leave our premises, no guarantee is implied or given. We do guarantee to provide information and guidance so you will be successful with the installation of your new plants. 

Planting and Care Recommendations are available on our website and in the store.

One of the most important missions at Decker's Nursery is to educate our customers about the significance of caring for plants. If you aren't able to commit to the necessary care, it is likely you will have some plant failures. This is why we cannot guarantee your plant purchases. However, if you follow our guidance in regards to the installation of your plants and how to care for your plants; we are certain that you will enjoy them for years and even decades as appropriate.

If you purchase a plant and realize it wasn't what you wanted or expected; Decker's will allow you to return the plant the within 24 hours of your purchase date and time. We regretfully cannot make exceptions to this policy. If you're a member of the Frequent Flower Club and made the purchase under your account name, we will have access to the receipt. 

Plant Material Installed By Us

If you decide to have Decker's Nursery assist with the installation of your plant selections, we are pleased to assist with this service. We do offer a 1 year guarantee when Decker's performs the installation. The 1 year becomes effective from the date of the installation. Please be assured your plants will be installed according to all the industry and government standards. This eliminates any concerns that may result from improper workmanship. Our commitment to standards should be a reason you want to consider using Decker's Nursery to install your plants, especially trees and shrubs. 

Having Decker's install your new plantings does not eliminate the necessity of caring for the plants after they're installed. Upon completion of your installation, or at the time of purchase, Decker's Nursery will provide you with a comprehensive set of directions and guidance of how to care for your plants. Please read the section about existing irrigation systems and why they aren't an adequate means of caring for new plants. 

Decker's Nursery is confident that if you adhere to the maintenance directions you will not lose any plants that we install. If you notice any concerns after a plant has been installed, you're welcome to send photos and an explanation of your observation. We will advise if there's a need to do something to help the plant. It doesn't effect your guarantee if you don't inform us of any issues however it may allow us to correct something before you lose the plant.

Although most box stores are able to provide guarantees for your plant purchases, we realize that customers perceive this as an industry standard. Since opening Decker's Nursery, one of our primary missions has been to inform and educate customers on proper plant care. Without proper care, plants are going to fail, no matter how good the quality is. Interestingly, if you plant 5 plants, and don't follow the care directions; some will survive, some will fail. There are dozens of reasons for this and usually the ones that survive, fail later from neglect. 

As you become more interested in plantings, you will recognize the rewards of healthy, thriving plants. If you expect the plants you purchased to thrive without the necessary care, we can't guarantee this. We can with 100% certainty claim; that your plants are going to be free of pests and defects. We also claim that if you provide the care we recommend, your plants will perform well and become self sustaining after 2 years. Most likely you will enjoy the plants more if you take care of them.