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9 Tips for Landscaping With Native Plants in New York

Native plants are crucial to the overall health of any ecosystem, so supporting and maintaining them on your property is a fantastic idea. But before you can begin transforming your yard into a lush paradise of New York wildflowers, you must be aware of a few native landscaping dos and don'ts.

Bird Lover's Garden: Attract & Feed Birds Year Round

Bird lovers are always looking for more ways to layer in plants that will attract, feed, and shelter our avian friends. The first thing you want to do is survey your yard to assess its bird-friendliness. Keep in mind that grasses that grow along a fe...

Perennial Gardens: Best Options for Full Shade or Intense Sun!

Plants that thrive in full sun like dry conditions Create water-wise gardens by featuring cactus, succulents, yucca and natives such as monarda, echinacea, asters, yarrow, little bluestem, grasses. You can incorporate shrubs that fit the bill for lay...

Perennial Gardening & Layering

Matt Gregory gives us a brief tour around the early season perennial gardens at Decker's Nursery and shares some helpful information on layering your perennials using both sun and shade options and incorporating plants with different blooming schedul...

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