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How to Choose The Best Wild Bird Supplies For Your Backyard

Birds provide beauty and song in our backyards—and their presence is beneficial for people in many ways: as natural pest control, for pollination of crops, and more. To attract them, create a welcoming environment—and provide special care for them in fall and winter seasons when their natural food sources diminish.

The Importance of Feeding Birds in Fall & Winter

As Autumn is in full swing and winter is on its way we shouldn’t forget our feathered friends. There are several reasons why bird lovers should still be feeding their backyard flock throughout the fall and winter months.

A Guide to Feeding Suet Cakes To Your Backyard Wild Birds

The word “suet” refers to a hard type of white fat that’s found near the kidneys of cattle and, to some degree, sheep. People sometimes use suet in cooking (particularly in England) and in soap and candle making. This substance is also used to form n...

Wild Bird Seed: Attracting and Feeding Birds

Wild birds, just like other creatures, need proper food to survive and thrive—and, in New York, you’ll likely see cardinals, finches, woodpeckers, tufted titmouses, and much more. Just like people, each bird species has unique preferences in what the...

What You Need to Know to Attract Backyard Birds With Bird Baths

There are plenty of benefits to having wild birds regularly visit your backyard. At a high level, these benefits include the following: Birds eat mosquitoes, spiders, aphids, and other insects, serving as a natural form of pest control (in contrast t...

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