Dave's Featured Plant Picks

Red Leaved Dracaena (Dracaena Marginata)

This tropical houseplant will certainly make a statement in any room of your home.  Otherwise known as a "Dragon Tree" the Dracaena Marginata has narrow, red-edged leaves that grown to about 12"-16" long.  This exotic looking houseplant can grow to a height of 6' tall or taller and will be happy in a low to bright light location (avoiding direct sunlight during the summer months). 

Fall Garden Mums

There isn't another fall blooming plant that signifies the arrival of Autumn more than the Chrysanthemum.  These beauties are packed with hundreds of flower buds ready to burst into an explosion of fall color in the garden just in time to replace summer blooming annuals that have worked hard all season providing color in the landscape.  Fall Garden Mums are available in a variety  of colors such as yellow, orange, bronze, purple, pink, white, and red.


The arrival of Autumn is a welcomed site to many of us who love the cooler temperatures and the gorgeous fall colors of Mother Nature.  However, as autumn arrives natural food sources for wild birds will become sparse.  Providing wild birds as well as migrating birds a source of food during the fall and winter months is an excellent way to continue to bring wildlife to your back yard.  We have a wide selection of wild bird food available to attract a variety of our feathered friends.

Your Horticultural Resource Center

Creativity is always in full bloom at Decker’s Nursery & Florist. As a full service garden center with a flair for elegance, we offer a myriad of inspiring choices with an emphasis on uniquely beautiful plant material, flowers and accessories as well as boundless horticultural expertise that will help you make a connection with your landscape. Experience the peace and serenity that surrounds the nursery, and see how our dedication to exceeding your every expectation can make all the difference.

We always provide value for our services and you’ll be confident knowing the job was done properly. We aren’t a “high priced” exclusive garden center. Our philosophy is “Value Pricing.” We offer great, top-quality products at reasonable prices – and our exceptional customer service is FREE.

In keeping with our commitment to providing the superior customer service you deserve, we realize it’s our job to make gardening the most enjoyable experience it can be...and we take our job seriously. After all, gardening should be relaxing, not stressful. If you want to review plant material at the nursery, simply stop in and we will be available to answer your questions. If you want advice on a pot, or want help planting it, just let us know. We’re here to help, always.

For all of the above reasons and many more, come see why Decker’s Nursery & Florist is a favorite destination for all our customers’ gardening and landscape solutions.

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