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Refreshing your Planters for the Fall

Refresh your patio and front porch planters for the fall season with our colorful collections of flower and foliage plant collections. Conrad Decker of Decker's Nursery shares his best planting tips for falltastic autumn garden containers. Use Conrad's tips for creating colorful fall containers with annuals, perennials, grasses, and more.

How to Pick the Correct Size Pot for My Indoor Plant

Indoor plants beautify your home and create relaxing environments—and choosing plants that please you and do well indoors is important. What else matters: selecting the right pottery, including the optimal size, because right-sized pots help plants t...

Different Types of Indoor Pottery & Choosing the Right One

When choosing indoor pottery, you’ll want to select what’s suitable for your plants while also picking what will look attractive in your home’s décor. In this post, we’ll share information about several different types of indoor plant pottery materia...

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