June 9- June 17 - all rights reserved

All Herbs and Vegetables, 20% OFF pints, quarts, 2 quart, 1gallon Tomatoes, Peppers, Beans, it doesn't matter. If it's on the display tables and racks - Its on Sale

All Remaining Palm Trees, 5gallon to 25gallon - 25% OFF - Summer Fun with Tropical Conditions. Delivery available

All Native Trees and Shrubs 20% OFF - Long Island Native Needs a Good Home - Save 20%

SELECT NURSERY PLANTS up to 20% OFF - some evergreens for screening, some potted trees, some flowering shrubs will be marked on SALE.

Ask your sales rep for discounted items.

Don't forget Dad - Give him his Day!!! - Birdhouses and Birdbaths on Sale - 15% Off. Other Gift Ideas will be on Sale

"Dad is For the Birds" Save 15% on Birdhouse and Birdbaths

Grow Your Own Food without a large Garden - All Elevated Gardens are 20% Off - Tabletop and Panel Gardens on Sale.