Perhaps nothing can bring more natural beauty to your home, and more satisfaction to you, than a beautiful landscape living in harmony within its natural environment. Think about it. The kaleidoscope of colors, the invigorating scents, the connection with nature itself. As a full-service garden center, Decker’s Nursery is ready to assist you in turning your landscape visions into reality.

How We Approach Landscapes & Plantings

Being in business for more than 12 years means we have completed hundreds of landscaping projects at our customers homes. In that time we’ve established what we believe to be an optimal process for helping you with your landscape and planting needs. If you’re looking for a complete restoration, or just looking to enhance your existing gardens, our unique approach allows us to bring your vision to life in a manner that’s enjoyable, economical and most importantly, educational

This approach is generally more holistic and natural than you may find with other landscaping companies. We take our lessons from nature and we incorporate the most important concept that nature has taught us: diversity provides beauty, interest, balance and always a healthier landscape. 

It's important to note that we are not a conventional “Design & Build” landscape company. We are not licensed landscape "architects" and we do not provide landscape “designs” in the traditional sense. Rather, we are horticultural experts that specialize in planting and plant health care. We take great pride in helping to educate and inform our customers throughout the planting process and our ideal landscape projects are focused on “softscaping”. This means we work solely with the live horticultural elements of your landscape like trees, shrubs, perennials and flower beds. 

To that end, we’re unable to help with grading or installing sod and while we often use natural stone as accents, we don’t provide “hardscaping” services. For customers that require that level of assistance, we recommend working with a good mason or pool company and we're always happy to provide our input along the way if you desire.

It All Starts with a Conversation

Once we receive your inquiry, a team member will follow up with you to initiate a conversation and conduct our initial consultation. During this conversation we will ask you a few questions about your project, learn a bit more about your goals and, overall, just make sure that we're a good fit. This is a great time for you to share as much information as possible with us. At the conclusion of this consultation, we should have a good feel for your project and if we believe we can provide value to to the project, we will let you know and move forward. If, for some reason, we don't believe we'll be able to help make your project a complete success we'll let you know why and we'll provide you with any information that we can to set you up for success in whichever direction you head from here.

Now Comes The Fun Part

Once we're sure we'll be able to provide value to your project the next thing we'll ask to do is schedule a time to have you visit us at the nursery. During your visit to the nursery, you'll be able to speak with our expert staff. They'll expand upon your initial consultation, likely ask you many additional questions and offer you the opportunity to ask any questions you have as well. This is the perfect time to share any photos or videos of the area that you're looking to improve and we highly recommend coming prepared to do so as it provides helpful context for our team.

We realize this may seem slightly unconventional as you might assume we would want to meet at your home. The truth is, we've found that this is actually an integral part of our process and our customers find it very helpful. This time together allows our team to better understand your likes and dislikes, share their recommendations based on the information you've provided them and also gives you the opportunity to see what these plants and trees look like in person. Additionally, and this is vital, it allows us to have a candid conversation with you about the care of your plantings once they're at your home.

Care & Maintenance Education

During your visit with us, and at the beginning of any future planting projects, we'll always start the discussions with information and questions around how your new plants are going to be cared for. We'll discuss what level of maintenance is needed to keep the plants performing optimally and we'll require a 100% commitment on your part before we proceed further. We believe it's vital to make sure your plants are going to be cared for according to our standards. This is unique and it's how Decker's Nursery is continuing to change the way people view plants and planting. 

It doesn't happen often but we have had customers tell us they didn't realize how much effort and care was needed after a planting is completed. Please do not take this lightly. If you don't believe you'll be able to care for your plants after they've been planted we'd prefer to provide better, more suitable alternatives for you. We ask that you think of the plants you are purchasing as an investment, or even better, similar to bringing home a new pet. These are living breathing organisms and should be treated with care.

One Last Check - Then We Plant

Once we've helped you pick out your new plants, confirmed you understand the importance of care and maintenance and discussed what the planting process will entail, the rest is just organizing a time to get your new products delivered and planted at your home.

If we find that we have any lingering questions on the location of the planting before it is scheduled, we will often find a small window of time to stop by your property and confirm that everything we've discussed is accurate. We'll confirm the size of the space we're improving and make sure the quantity of plants that you've purchase is sufficient. We'll also do a quick check to make sure there are no obstacles that might cause trouble for our team so they know what to expect when they arrive. We don't need you to be home for this process but we will communicate with you if this is something that we plan to do.

From here, one of our team members will reach out to you directly to schedule a day that works for your planting. We always do our best to get your purchases planted as soon as we can but, as you might imagine, weather and other circumstances could delay this process slightly. We'll do our best to communicate with you throughout this time to minimize any concerns or uncertainty.

Budgeting for your Landscape & Planting Project

Decker's Nursery respects all budgets - they're a reality for every project. One of the worst things we can do is ignore your budget and remove all of the pleasure that is supposed to come as a result of this process. We mention this because the other lesson we've learned from nature is to treat your planting projects as something that can take place over the course of several years. We're quite comfortable working with our customers over the longer term and a number of customers prefer to tackle small projects year-after-year and now have gorgeous landscapes that they're proud of. Small, consistent improvements over time really add up and it's rewarding to watch this process produce results. Without fail, these are the projects that customers appreciate the most.

Patience is a virtue

Remember, landscapes are dynamic. They mature and they should always improve with time. Learning patience isn't an intended outcome of a planting project but it is a by-product. Our guidance and educational approach will help you recognize the value of your investment and we’ll show you why allowing your new plants to evolve will create a more natural appearance over time. If you take one lesson from us today, let it be this: First Year Sleep, Second Year Creep, Third Year Leap. Your plantings should be envisioned as they'll appear in the 3rd year after planting, not like the picture in that magazine that has matured for 10 years. 

Extended Plant Health Care

If you're considering having us assist with landscape & planting work at your home we do also offer extended Plant Health Care services that provide an added level of care by our team of seasoned professionals. Many of our customers find these services invaluable as they become accustomed to gardening and we're so confident about this service that we'll extend the guarantee on your plants for as long as we're providing the care. In theory, you can procure a lifetime guarantee for your new plantings.

Would you find it helpful to have a knowledgeable caretaker monitor and inspect your plants on a regular basis, to make sure they're getting acclimated? We invite you to learn more about that service here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Landscape & Planting FAQs

If your yard is looking a bit plain or if you have recently added a feature to your home, such as a sidewalk or patio, professional landscape & planting services can help you define your space and add beauty and interest to the area. This investment not only can raise your curb appeal but also help you create a welcoming outdoor space for your family and friends.

  • What are some common landscape & planting jobs

    Some of the most popular landscape & planting projects on Long Island are:

    • Installing a planting that screens your neighbor’s properties.
    • Removing and restoring the foundation plantings around your house and terraces.
    • Filling your outdoor living areas with flowers – selecting beautiful planters and the best flowers for the location to make sure you enjoy all your time outdoors.
    • Perennial Gardens of every size including naturalization of open areas that have been neglected.
    • Transplanting and re-organizing gardens to fix previous design flaws.
    • We’ll never refuse to plant a single tree. We know that many times this single tree can bring as much pleasure as an entire botanical garden.

    You can be confident that the plants installed by Decker’s Nursery will perform well. We take the time and effort to make sure that every plant is installed properly.

  • What are the benefits of landscaping?

    There are a variety of benefits of landscaping your yard, and they focus on both environmental as well as personal advantages. For example, increasing the amount of grass and plants in your yard can cool off the area while planting trees around your home can reduce heating and cooling costs all year long. In addition, plants of all types cleanse the air, removing carbon dioxide while creating oxygen.

    However, you will probably notice the personal benefits to your yard more readily. Surrounding yourself with a variety of plants can improve your life, decrease your stress and even decrease your blood pressure, according to some studies. It also helps you create welcoming spaces in your yard that you can use for daily relaxation, backyard parties and play areas for your children.

    Finally, landscaping can increase your property’s value by improving curb appeal. Some studies have shown that quality landscaping may be able to boost the value of your property by over 10 percent in some cases.

  • How much does it cost for a landscape design?

    The cost of a quality landscape design depends on a variety of factors, most notably the size of the yard, the desired features and the company hired. The professional plan itself can cost anywhere from $300 to $2,500 depending on how elaborate it is. While plants vary in price dramatically, the average cost for every square foot is $11 for simple softscape plans. Plans with hardscape features, such as retaining walls, could cost as much as $23 per square foot.

  • How do I choose a landscape designer?

    When you are ready to landscape your outdoor space, you want to be sure to find a professional with whom you feel comfortable and who has adequate experience in your area. You can start by talking to friends who live nearby as well as to neighbors who may have had a great experience with a local designer in the past.

    When you start looking into landscape designers on your own, be sure to ask plenty of questions. Find out how much experience they have and whether they have a portfolio of past projects. You can also ask to visit a site that they are currently working on to get a sense of how the landscape crew works together and how the project is managed.

  • Can I do my own landscape design?

    You can certainly create your own landscape design, but this is only recommended if you have at least some experience with local plants and design work. Investing in some low-priced design software can help you get your project off the ground.

    However, in most cases, it is best to have a landscape design professional help you with at least some of the work. For example, if you are familiar with planting and have a green thumb, you may still want to have a professional look over your plans and examine your yard to look for any potential problems.

    At Decker’s Nursery, we offer many resources to help you along your landscaping journey, including experienced professionals who will help you know which plants grow best in our zone. Before beginning work on your own, ensure that you have some gardening skills, consider your timeframe and budget and be careful not to buy pieces or plants impulsively.

  • Are certain plants better for landscaping than others?

    When choosing plants for your landscaping project it’s important to know your limitations. Unless you have a green thumb and love to spend hours in your garden every week, you will probably prefer low-maintenance plants that require little care from you throughout the year. For example, perennials, such as hostas, daylilies, and peonies, are excellent choices because they come back to life every spring. As for annuals, some of the easiest ones to care for include snapdragons and caladium. A majority of small to moderate-sized shrubs, including butterfly bush and spiraea, only require a light trimming each year.

  • How do I choose the perfect landscaping plants?

    The perfect landscaping plants for you will depend not only on your personal preferences but also on your yard. You must consider your gardening zone, which for Long Island is zone 7. In addition, you should consider your soil quality, soil drainage and the amount of sunlight or shade that your yard receives each day. These variables will help you determine which plants will grow best in your yard. In general, aim for a mixture of shrubs, perennials, and annuals in your design to create depth and interest.

  • Where can I find landscape design and architecture on Long Island?

    At Decker’s Nursery, we offer landscape design and architecture services for homes and commercial properties throughout Long Island. Our professionals can examine your outdoor space, create basic or detailed plans, help you choose the best plants for your space and do all of the hard work for you. We have worked on numerous projects of all sizes and know that the perfect landscape design can turn an otherwise boring space into a paradise of color and natural beauty.