You've chosen the perfect Christmas Tree and want help getting it home?


During the holiday season, (11/24-12/24) we deliver trees every day, Monday through Friday. We can store your tree till you're ready or deliver within a couple business days. You do NOT have to be home when we deliver. Your tree will be placed securely in the driveway. We lay it on the ground to prevent any damage from falling. We will call ahead to let you know your tree is scheduled for delivery.

If you're hoping to have our staff bring the tree inside, they've been directed not to. If you need the tree brought inside, it makes more sense to have us set up and install your tree (additional fee applies). This requires additional employees and time that has to be coordinated. You can arrange when you complete your purchase.

If you live within the Town of Huntington, your delivery is Free.

Every customer receives a $40 savings on their delivery fee. If you live outside of Huntington we may ask you to pay the difference to cover additional travel costs we incur for travelling further.

We make every effort to get the deliveries scheduled as soon as possible. Even with Free Delivery, we expect to deliver your tree within 2 business days, or sooner. We will inform you of the delivery date. Unfortunately, we cannot schedule specific times of day; Please be flexible with scheduling, it allows us to deliver your tree sooner. If you request a specific date, we'll try to accommodate you as best we can however it may delay your delivery.

Because we perform so many deliveries it's not practical to commit to a time or coordinate with your schedule. Most of our customers aren't home when we make the deliveries. Be assured the tree will be placed in a secure location near the house, garage, etc.

Our delivery staff are not allowed to place your tree in other parts of the property or into your home. If you need help placing your tree anywhere, except in the driveway, advise us during your purchase. This may effect the cost if another employee is needed to complete the delivery.


If you want more than just delivery, we consider it a "Set Up". Our delivery team will contact you to schedule your service. We will advise you when we have it scheduled and whether it's AM or PM delivery. If this date and time are suitable we'll see you then. If our date doesn't work, let us know and we'll reschedule with you. The more flexibility you have with scheduling the sooner we can complete your Set Up.

AM Delivery: 9AM- 12PM

PM Delivery: 12PM-5PM

If you schedule a set up of your Christmas tree, we ask for your assistance in the following ways:

1. We require room to park our vehicle and a clear path to the entry way. Consider moving any items or furniture that obstruct our path inside the house. Identify and move any fragile items that could be damaged when the tree is in the house.

2. Have your tree stand ready and clean. Make sure all parts are working so the tree will remain secure. Make sure your tree stand is rated and capable of handling the size tree you purchase. We're happy to advise you at the Nursery if you bring your stand with you during your visit.

Decker's delivery team will have new tree stands with them, in case a substitute is needed. We will request payment at that time.

3. Setting up a Christmas tree can be a dirty job. In order to keep the costs minimal. Decker's Nursery cannot be responsible for fallen needles inside or out of the house. We promise to be respectful of your home and property.

4. Please see our recommendations on caring for your fresh cut Christmas Tree

Remember to get Prolong preservative and a Disposal Bag that we'll set up during the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions