Fruits, Herbs, & Vegetables on Long Island

The process of growing your own food is exciting to just about everyone. We enjoy vegetable gardening too and we want to help you make the most of this outstanding way to enjoy nature’s delicious gifts. From seed to harvest – Decker’s Nursery is here to help and all our advice is free!

Decker’s Nursery participates in the philosophy of SUSTAINABLE GARDENS. Growing our own food and purchasing food products from local farmers is a key component of this movement. Conrad Decker has been practicing sustainability methods for decades. To us it’s common sense and not a fashionable thing to do. The staff at Decker’s Nursery is happy to advise you with a natural and environmentally friendly approach to gardening. Be sure to read our Expert Advice often and watch for the most current recommendations in caring for your garden and landscape.

Also remember that vegetable gardens can be a full-time commitment or just a way to have fresh tomatoes for your summer meals. Whatever works for you, make it enjoyable and know that you are making a difference. And always rely on Decker’s Nursery for advice, products and supplies.

Where to Begin

Seed starting begins in February and March. Decide what vegetables and herbs you want to grow and determine how many plants of each species you want to space in the garden. Visit Decker’s Nursery and select the proper seeds and quantities. We have all the supplies to make your seed starting a success.

$5 Plant in a $50 Hole

Use the compost you’ve been gathering and make sure it’s completely ready and decomposed. Compost and manure are the best way to improve the soil structure and fertility. You will have to till the soil and prepare it for planting...the better you till the better the plants. You can begin adding Bone Meal at this stage to increase phosphorous levels.

Take Your Babies Outside

Be aware of weather conditions, primarily the temperature and don’t be in a hurry. A hard frost can negate all your seed starting work. Maintain proper spacing and allow room for weeding and harvesting. Use Bone Meal to improve root development for your new plants. Do not fertilize yet. If you didn’t start any plants from seed or need additional plants to fill the garden, keep in mind that Decker’s provides a comprehensive selection of vegetables and herbs. You can always rely on the high quality of our plants.

Water, Fertilize and Weed

Irrigation should be performed with minimal overhead watering. Drip irrigation works very well at minimizing foliar and fruit diseases. Place your stakes and cages soon after the plants are established. Visit Decker’s Nursery to determine the appropriate fertilizer for your garden.

It’s All Right Here

Decker’s Nursery has all the supplies to make your garden a success. As your Horticultural Resource Center, Decker’s Nursery offers everything you need including seed starting supplies, seeds (including organic), soils, compost, manure and amendments, staking and cages, tools, shovels, troughs, spades, rakes, cultivators, and fertilizers. If you’re limited on space we offer elevated gardens for terraces and small yards. Container growing can be just as rewarding as a large garden and we have all the right containers to get you started. And remember, all advice is FREE.