Sat, Oct 7, 2023
5:00 in the afternoon
This event has ended

Event Details:

Are you making a connection with plants and your natural surroundings? Have you come to realize how important plants are for your quality of life? If you've known this or want to make the connection, houseplants are a great way to bring plants into your life. Find out why so many people are passionate about their houseplants. 

If you've had difficulty with plants in the past, this event is going to empower you to try again. There are some very simple things to know when you're using house plants and our speaker is going to provide you with confidence and knowledge. 

Our selection of plants will be expanded for this event along with a great selection of plant stands and hangers. Discounts will be available for attendees. 

Nicole Ferrara & Matt Gregory will provide a very informative presentation.