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Tue, Dec 17, 2019
10:00 AM EST
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Event Details:

As the Spring weather gets better each day, Decker’s Nursery & Florist recognizes the importance of flowers. They provide us with a unique form of happiness, and are a perfect gift idea.

The Floral Arrangement Workshop was organized to provide tips to anyone that enjoys having flowers in their home. Whether you’re using cut flowers from your garden in summer months, or just picking up some of your favorites, at a Florist Center; this workshop is going to assist you in arranging them in a manner that displays their full glamour.

The Florist at Decker’s Nursery has very talented designers that enjoy sharing their skills with others. We’ve offered these workshops at other times and have had very positive response from the attendees. The goal is to provide you with confidence and encourage you to bring more flowers into your home and outdoor living areas. Hopefully, you’ll be able to build on these skills, as you make more arrangements on a regular basis.

All attendees will select the flowers they want to use in their arrangement, as well as a vase. After creating your finished arrangement, we’ll make sure they’re packaged to take home safely. Don’t worry about any of the tools or equipment, this will all be available for you to use.

The value of your arrangement is going to exceed the $50 Registration fee and we guarantee that you’re going to have a finished arrangement that you’re proud to display.

We Hope You’ll Come and Be Inspired.

Speaker Info:

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