Are you at your wit's end because you're hosting a party? Prepping a home for lots of guests is stressful, but plants can help. And not because of all their surprising health benefits.

If you're looking for some unique ways to brighten your home for a party, you're in the right place. This article provides everything you need to make a kitchen, dining room, or bathroom more inviting for guests. Keep reading for 11 indoor plants ideas you can use for any party on the schedule.

Indoor Plants Ideas for a Memorable Party

You can't bring the fountains and brickwork and the entire outdoor garden into your house. Yet, decorating with plants is a great way to make your home feel natural for a party.

1. Potted Herbs

If you're a home chef, you know the value of fresh herbs in your masterpiece dishes. You can taste the difference between basil you pick off a plant three seconds before it goes in a pan, and dried basil you shake from a spice jar.

Achieve your deliciousness and decorative goals at the same time. Plant some herbs in matching pots. Put them on a wall shelf where they'll get plenty of light, but arrange them with an artist's eye.

For a party, give each pot a punny name that goes with the theme of the party and the dish you used it for. Guests will get a laugh out of your creativity.

2. Hanging Planter

Most people buy a planter in the spring to hang on the porch through the summer. If it's annual flowers, the planter goes in the garbage at the end of the season. You buy another next year.

Why not choose a perennial planter this year? When the weather turns chilly, bring the planter inside. Hang it in the corner of the bedroom or living room for a breath of fresh air when all the plants outside are gone.

For a party, deadhead the blossoms and fluff up the foliage to help it look its best. Guests will love the unique idea and appreciate the feel of spring, even when it's cold outside.

3. Potted Tree

Is your living room corner bare? Fill up the space with a fig tree or jade and make it homier. Choose a decorative pot, and put it on wheels for ease of movement.

Party guests will love your standout piece, and they'll feel more at ease. Because of its living room location, most of your guests will notice your potted tree. You could even use it to hang the party favors.

4. Cactus Ideas

Use succulents for a low-maintenance option that still does the job. Your kids will leave them alone too if you choose the prickly ones.

Display your mini pots on a farmhouse chic tray. The rustic look goes with non-traditional plants. Put it on a sideboard for a great centerpiece.

At a party, add festive decorations to the tray to go with the theme. A sign that says, "deck the halls" would work for a holiday party. Or use a "firecracker" piece to accent an Independence Day shindig.

5. Bathroom Low-Maintenance

To give your guest bathroom a relaxing spa feel, use an aloe vera plant. Its healing power will be useful when you have a cut or burn. Cut a shoot off and slice it open. Apply the green gel right on the skin.

Aloe, especially with some low light, will also help your guests feel calmer. Many party-goers visit the bathroom if they experience an awkward moment or feel out of place. A few minutes in a peaceful quiet room put them at ease, then they can let go and have fun at your party.

6. Rack

If you have a lot of plants to bring in for winter, we'd recommend a rack. Three shelves fill up fast, and it's easy to arrange the pots with some symmetry.

At a festive gathering, use a rack with plants to display instructions or hold a Bluetooth speaker. Using the rack for other items shows they belong.

7. Window Planter

Why not try a window planter on the inside of your house instead of the outside? This is a great place for plants that need light. Freshen up a dining nook or office with a wood or metal planter.

Use decorative rocks for filler and bring some life to a room you don't always appreciate. Kitchens are utilitarian, but a planter gives it a more comfortable ambiance.

When you need to host a party, remove some of the everyday use items from the area with the planter. It will draw more attention to the greenery. Keep guests' attention away from the rest of the kitchen, which may be messier due to party prep.

8. Painted Pots

Terracotta is easy to paint. Use some pots you already have to spruce up a newly-redecorated room. Why not dress up the bookshelf with pots you painted yourself?

If you're having a party, change up some of the tchotchkes on the bookshelf for items that fit the theme. Guests will love the extra special touch.

9. Accent a Piece of Art

If you feature a large painting or print in your home, add a few cozy plants to complete the display. Alternate tall and short greens for a complementary flourish.

If you're hosting a party, be sure to make a small label for the art so guests won't have to ask about the artist. You can use the dirt in the bottom of the pot to hold a stick with a label.

10. Repurpose Kitchen Containers for Pots

Don't throw away that tin from your tea leaves. Save it to plant your favorite herb in. Make sure to punch a few holes in the bottom first - for water to drain.

Whether you use a teacup, a mason jar, or any other kitchen container, party guests will love the novelty of your display.

11. Fishbowl Centerpiece

Why not dress up a coffee table or end table with a decorative centerpiece? Use a fishbowl to host a plant. You can even turn it on its side if you use a small stand so it doesn't tip.

Set the coasters next to a centerpiece at a party. Guests will notice the coasters because they're by something eye-catching.

They'll know you expect them to be considerate with their drinks. Save the furniture without being overbearing.

Let's Decorate

With all these ideas, every room in your house can get a facelift. Use our indoor plants ideas to freshen up your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or dining room.

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