Screening trees become very popular in the Fall. I assume it’s because homeowners have been spending a lot of time outdoors and noticed areas where screening can be beneficial. As the saying goes, “good fences, make for good neighbors”.

Some of the more popular evergreens we consider "screening trees" are Arborvitaes, both the Eastern and Western varieties (Emerald Green, Nigra or Green Giant). Leyland Cypress and Gold Rider Leyland Cypress also provide a lot of screening quickly. Cryptomeria provides a very elegant foliage, and my favorite is Nellie Stevens Hollies which I consider "stately".

If you’re considering planting trees for screening, keep in mind that diversifying your plant selections most often provides a more natural setting. Using conifers with strategic placement and combining them with deciduous or flowering trees and shrubs will definitely add interest to your landscape.

If your area is narrow, your plant selections may be a bit more limited. Avoid using an improper species that inevitably leads to disappointment when it becomes overgrown and requires constant maintenance. This mistake occurs way too often.