Have you ever tried to start a garden and wound up staring at a bed full of dead plants? Don’t worry, you aren’t cursed, and it is possible to cure your brown thumb. You just might be using the wrong tools.

Having the right garden tools list can make all the difference in your growing efforts. Read on to learn what tools you need for a successful garden and what qualities you should look for in each.


When you’re getting ready to do any sort of garden work, one of the first tools you’re going to need is a trowel. This will allow you to dig out holes for plants, dig up weeds, harvest, and perform a variety of other garden tasks. You can even use them for some limited edging work in a pinch.

You want to get a good, durable trowel that’s going to stand up to heavy-duty use. Look for one made of cast aluminum with reinforcement around the join between the handle and the shovel. You should also make sure it’s nice and sharp for transplanting that requires more precision work.


You’re also going to want a pair of pruning shears in fairly short order once you begin gardening. Small trees and larger plants will need some attention in the spring before their summer growth. Having a pair of pruning shears can make those jobs quick and easy.

Look for a good, sharp pair of pruning shears, and sharpen them every spring before you begin gardening work. Handheld shears are a good idea, though you may want some larger clippers for bigger trees. Rubber handles are a good idea to keep your grip as comfortable as possible while you work.

Hand Rake

If you’re keeping flower beds, you’re going to need something to clean out the leaves from the previous year once spring rolls around. A larger rake is great for the edge of these beds, but it can’t get under the bushes and plants. This is where a hand rake comes into play.

You want a hand rake that’s compact enough to fit under tighter plants and bushes and get leaves out. Look for a model with a sturdy, fan-shaped arrangement of tines that will be flexible enough not to damage vulnerable plants. You also need to make sure the version you get is rust-resistant so you avoid having to buy a new rake every spring. 

Garden Knife

Most of us don’t think of a knife when we’re making a list of garden tools, but a good garden knife can be one of your best friends. This can be used as a sort of precision trowel to dig up weeds or transplant various things. But it can also be helpful for cutting out areas of sod, dividing flowers, or even harvesting some of the fruits of your labor.

Hori Hori-style knives are widely acknowledged to be the best option on the market. These blades are long and straight, sharp on both edges, and slightly concave. They have sturdy handles and may come with measurements marked on the blade to indicate soil depth.


It should come as no surprise that you’re going to need a shovel or two in your garden efforts. Full-size shovels are essential for digging up rocks and tree roots and turning over a lot of soil in a hurry. You’ll probably need two basic types of shovel: a round, pointed shovel and a flat trowel.

You need to make sure your shovels are durable enough to stand up to moving heavy items and loads of soil. Look for an I-beam construction for your round shovel that will increase the amount of pressure you can put on the blade. You may want a large handle and a teardrop-shaped shaft for your flat spade to make it easier to grip.

Rain Gauge

Knowing how much water your plants are getting is crucial to growing success. And yes, you could eyeball how damp the soil is, but why not be more exact about it? A rain gauge can show you exactly how much rainfall your plants have gotten so you’ll know how much more water you need to give them.

When you’re shopping for a rain gauge, look for one with very precise measurements. One made to the standards of the National Weather Service can be a good idea since you can be sure it’s reliable. You also need to make sure your gauge is made from good, weather-resistant materials so it won’t break down anytime soon.


And, of course, one of your most important gardening tools will be a good pair of gloves. Even if you enjoy the feel of earth on your hands, digging with a trowel all day can leave you with some blisters. Having gloves can protect your hands from cuts and scratches, too. 

Leather gloves can provide you with good breathability and will last a long time. If you prefer a non-leather option, you can find fabric gloves with a durable gripping surface. Make sure to look for gloves that will fit your hands properly and which tuck in at the wrist enough to keep them on your hands.

Discover Your Ultimate Gardening Tools List

Having the right gardening tools list can help you keep your plants beautiful and thriving this year. Look for sturdy, well-made products that are rust-resistant and reinforced. With the right tools in hand, gardening will be more of a pleasure for you than ever before.

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