What type of tree makes the best Christmas tree? Here at Decker’s Nursery, we’ve been committed to providing quality Fraser and Balsam Firs that we procure from a small grower in Canada. This year we’re also offering Noble Firs and feel that these 3 species are the best option for a live, cut Christmas Tree. All three of these trees are recognized as perfect Christmas trees because of their ability to hold their needles longer. They provide a lovely fragrance and offer a blue-green color that makes them very attractive.

Maintenance is critical so keep these tips in mind as you look for your perfect Christmas Tree.

Trees don’t drink, they absorb water through their vascular ducts. These ducts go all the way to the base of the tree and out to the end of the branches. The most important thing you can do, to keep your tree performing well, is keep it hydrated!  Do not allow the water supply to dry up at anytime.

Determine when you’re going to put the tree up. If the plan is to purchase the tree and set it up the same day; get a fresh cut at the tree yard. Decker’s Nursery will happily provide you with a fresh cut before you leave.

If the plan is to put the tree up, days or weeks later; wait to make the fresh cut, and do so right before you take the tree inside. Remember that once the tree is cut, it will begin to close the vascular ducts, this is a survival tactic that’s part of the tree’s physiology. Make the basal cut within a few hours of when it’s going to be in the stand, This basic task is probably the most important maintenance item to consider.

Do not carve the tree trunk to fit into the stand. If the trunk of the tree is too large for the stand, it’s much better to get a larger stand than to “carve” the trunk. “Carving” will remove all the vascular ducts from the base of the tree. It won’t have the ability to absorb water if you do this. If you found the perfect tree it will warrant the additional investment.

Once the tree is in the stand and absorbing water the only way to keep the vascular ducts open is to maintain a steady flow of water. The tree will absorb more water in the early stages of being indoors. Keep a close eye on the basin for the first few days. Prevent the water source from going dry. It’s not uncommon for the tree to absorb several gallons of water each day. If you notice this, it’s a good problem to have. It means your tree is performing well. Check it in the morning and at night.

Be diligent monitoring and providing fresh water. Place the tree away from any heating ducts in the house. This additional stress will cause the tree to desiccate more quickly.

Clean up and Removal of the Christmas tree is always easier if you set the disposal bag at the base of the tree when you set it up. They’re available in the tree yard and inside the store at Decker’s Nursery.

Merry Christmas and Please let us know how your tree does. We enjoy hearing from customers that keep their tree up into, and through, January.