“Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall”, what a blessing this is for every gardener that pours their hearts into the landscape and garden.

We're very fortunate to have so many great customers that return each year and rely on Decker’s Nursery for assistance. Whether its a recommendation, or purchasing high quality plants. It was fulfilling to see all the flowers, perennials and nursery plants going home with everyone last week. There was a wave of excitement; and the weather couldn’t have been better (I wish the same could be said for this week).

All the joy I noticed reminded me that I have a responsibility to make sure everyone is caring for their new plants. I still consider this responsibility to be one of the most important things we can do at the nursery. I remember when we opened Decker’s, I was committed to educating our clients on the care of their landscape and gardens. I wanted Decker's to be the solution for homeowners that have become frustrated when they lose plants.

To keep with that commitment, I wanted to provide a couple quick tips on caring for your plants; whether they’re trees and shrubs, perennials or flowers. Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive view but the basics I present are critical for success.

You have to water your new plants consistently. Please don’t rely on your irrigation systems to do all the work. Get the hose out and water to saturation. Allow the soil to dry out before watering again, this drying out period is when the roots develop. “As the roots go, so goes the plant”. We usually recommend you water your plants twice a week, to saturation until the “dog days” of summer, when you should increase that to 3 times a week.

Also, don’t forget to fertilize all your plants. This remains the single most beneficial treatment you can provide besides watering. It will protect your investment and assure that all the plants are performing optimally. Especially your summer annuals, they require consistent fertilization to keep them blooming. Always follow the directions, fertilizer isn’t beneficial if you over apply it.

I’ve informed the staff that we may get a lot of questions this weekend and they’re excited for the opportunity to assist you. There is no set formula for watering and fertilizing. There are a number of variables and we want to assist every one of you. Take time to speak with the staff regarding your specific conditions and plant material.

If I'm a step ahead of you, and you’re going to start planting soon; there’s still time to get your vegetable garden started. Locally grown, organic herbs and vegetables arrive daily and the garden center continues to overflow with beautiful flowers and tropical plants. The perennial selections are more diverse each day, and the ornamental trees and shrubs are all starting to bloom, creating a lovely vision in the nursery yard.

Come be inspired, and informed, at Decker’s Nursery.