After opening the Nursery 8 years ago, I became aware of the responsibility we have to help our customers prepare their homes for Christmas, Hanukkah, and all the festive holidays. I realized that we are a tradition for most and this isn’t a responsibility that we take lightly. 

Our preparations for this time of year begin many months in advance and in an effort to help you with your own holiday preparations, I've organized a few ideas to get those wheels spinning.

Plants are a huge part of this season and that’s right in our wheel-house. Poinsettias, Amaryllis, Paper White Daffodils, Boxwoods, Holly, Alberta Spruce - we have them all. And we certainly don't you to forget about indoor plants such as Cyclamen, Christmas Cactus and many more.

In the florist, our designers have been preparing “Gardens In A Basket”. They use combinations of plants with different foliage and flowers that create a beautiful gift when you’re visiting friends and family. Let us know and we can help design a garden in a basket that’s specific for you.

On the home front, this is great time to “spruce” up the front of your home and your planters. Use the cuttings from your evergreen trees to decorate the planters and your landscape beds. Pine, Blue Spruce, Cypress and Hollies all work well. Decker’s has a vast selection of seasonal greens bundled and ready to use and our staff will help you select the “greens” that create a lovely arrangement that looks completely natural. Use boughs of Balsam Fir to put color back in the landscape beds; add a few white and red Birch branches and voila - instant color that screams “festive”.

If you're getting ready to go grab your Christmas tree or are in needs of tips on planter decorations, stay tuned here to the "Expert Advice" blog for additional articles coming soon.