Septic Saver $22.99 for a 2 Month Supply

During winter months, we spend a lot of time looking for ways to help our customers, and the communities we serve.

At a Trade show in Baltimore, we were looking for ways to improve our line of aquatic plants, and pond products. We found some great ideas we'll share soon; however during our search we found a product that's perfectly suited to most Long Island residents. It's manufactured by Microbial Science Laboratories and we feel this specific product is going to make a difference in all our lives, as well as the next generations that live here.

Our groundwater, and the aquifer that supplies us with fresh water, is an invaluable resource. We all know there's a need to protect the aquifer as well as our beautiful beaches and bays. One of the biggest threats to our bodies of water is ground water contamination from Septic systems. The Septic Saver introduces microbes that prevent Nitrates from getting into our water supplies. Nitrates are a contributor to Eutrophication in shore areas and now there's a way to mitigate Nitrates very easily. This specific product is very easy to use and its the only product of it's type that we were able to find. The package retails at $22.99 and is applied a few times through the year and can be purchased on our website by CLICKING HERE.

Water use is going to become more of a concern in the coming years. We believe that any action we take now to protect our aquifer, is only going to make the concerns more manageable. We are using these products ourselves and wanted to make them available to our customers. We're more than happy to answer any questions and we'll keep them in stock all year.