There are several varieties of pothos that make great houseplants and are easy to care for.  ‘Golden’, ‘Marble Queen’, and ‘Neon’ are a few of the varieties that can add beauty to your home.

Pothos are known for their long, trailing stems that can grow to 6-8 ft. or more.  Cut the stems back several times a year to keep the plant bushy and full.  Cutting right above a leaf node, (the place where a leaf is attached to the stem), will encourage the stem to branch.

Its glossy, heart shaped leaves emerge green and then become variegated,  (yellow, white, or cream depending upon the variety).  Although this plant tolerates low light, its leaves may lose their vargiegation.  It will look best in moderate to bright light and grows very well under fluorescent lights; making this beauty am excellent office plant.

Botanical Name: Epipremunum

Origin: Solomon Islands

Height: Climbs or trails to 6-8 ft. or more

Light:  Low to bright light, but no direct sunlight.  It will tolerate low light but the leaves may lose their variegation.

Water:  Allow soil to dry slightly between waterings.  It will not tolerate soggy soil.

Humidity:  Average room humidity

Temperature:  Average room temperatures of 60-75 degrees F. (16-24 degrees C).

Soil:  Good quality potting mix

Fertilizer:  Feed bi-weekly spring through fall with a balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer.  In winter, feed monthly.

Propagation:  Stem tip cuttings root easily in water or moist vermiculite; it takes about 4 weeks to root.