Also known as a Madagascar Dragon Tree, this plant is a bold accent if you have the space.  This dracaena starts out as a thick tuft of spiky leaves.  As it grows, the lower leaves naturally fall off, leaving a cluster of dramatic, spear-spiky leaves above a bare, woody stem.  Its narrow, red-edged leaves can grow about 12”-16” long.

This exotic houseplant is slow-growing, but can reach 6 ft. tall or more indoors. You can control its height by simply cutting off the top.  You can cut off the cane at any height, within weeks it will sprout a new cluster of leaves from where it was cut.  It is best to prune it back in the spring or early summer.

Draceana care is easy.  Dragon trees thrive in average room conditions, tolerating dry winter air and low light levels that are deadly to most plants.  This dynamic houseplant also handles changing temperatures and humidity levels; just don’t overwater it as it will not tolerate soggy soil.

Botanical Name: Dracaena marginata

Origin: Madagascar

Height: Grows to 6 ft. tall or more

Light:  Low to bright light, avoid direct sunlight in summer.  

Water:  Keep soil lightly moist spring through fall, slightly drier in the winter.  Do not let the soil get waterlogged or soggy.

Humidity:  Average room humidity, but will tolerate dry air.

Temperature:  Average room temperatures of 60-75 degrees F. (16-24 degrees C).

Soil:  Any good quality potting mix

Fertilizer:  Feed bi-weekly spring through fall with a balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer.  In winter, feed monthly.

Propagation:  Cut off the cane at any height and root them like stem cuttings.