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The Greenhouse at Decker’s Nursery makes us unique. We use the term Greenhouse as a category to capture all the different varieties of plants that don’t necessarily fall under “landscape plants.” Very often these are tropical plants that require a higher understanding of horticulture and a professional understanding of plants.

Our greenhouse encompasses a seasonal rotation of plants that often become family members and provide enjoyment in a wide range of living areas, both indoors and out. We take great effort to make sure the plants come from proven growers and that they are very well maintained before arriving at your home. It’s just another example of the extraordinary attention to detail you can always depend on from Decker’s Nursery, your Horticultural Resource Center.

The selection of plants at Decker’s Nursery goes well beyond traditional landscape plants. We rotate a wide range of tropical plants through the greenhouse and garden center at different times of the year.

Orchids and African Violets flower often, providing lasting beauty. Houseplants and hanging plants are recommended not only as decorating accents but also to improve the air we breathe. Palms, pothos, dracena and sheffelera are just a few of the standards we always have available.

Mother’s Day brings a blaze of color with crotons, bougainvillea, mandevillas, brugmansia and all the favorite tropical flowers that make your outdoor living areas more colorful and lively.

Each Spring the daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips that symbolize warmer days deliver a burst of much appreciated color. Each holiday season the poinsettias, Christmas cacti and cyclamen create a festive feeling that livens up the season in a multitude of joyful ways.

In addition to offering the finest plants, Decker’s Nursery provides services to help you care for your plants. For example, we can come to your home and arrange for re-potting. Weekly maintenance is also available if you’re traveling or if you just want the peace of mind in knowing that your plants are being expertly cared for.

Need Advice? Bring your questions to Decker’s Nursery and you can always be sure you’ll get professional guidance.

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