Planting & Landscape Solutions

Your home, our imagination...endless possibilities

Decker’s Nursery provides a complete range of services specifically designed to beautify your landscape and keep it looking great. One visit to our showroom and you’ll quickly realize that the possibilities are indeed endless. Using our Garden Center as an idea-starting showroom, we display a wide array of plants and other landscape products then we add the kind of expertise that can take imaginative landscape design to a whole new level. Along with our creative design suggestions, you can be confident knowing that any work we do at your home will be performed professionally.

At Decker’s Nursery, we display thousands of plants in our gardens. Our experts select these plants very carefully based on how well they will thrive in this region’s climate as well as ornamental benefits – and we display them to inspire you with the creation of your landscape vision.

No matter what size planting and landscape project you have, we can help. No project is too big or too small.

Some of the most popular landscape projects we perform are:

  • Create a design and install a planting that screens neighbor’s properties.
  • Remove and restore the foundation plantings around the house and terraces.
  • Fill the outdoor living areas with Flowers – selecting beautiful planters and the best flowers for the location to make sure you enjoy all your time outdoors.
  • Perennial Gardens of every size including naturalization of open areas that have been neglected.
  • Transplanting and re-designing the gardens to fix previous design flaws.
  • We never refuse planting a single tree. We know that many times this single tree can bring as much pleasure as an entire botanical garden.

You can be confident that the plants installed by Decker’s Nursery will perform well. We take the time and effort to make sure that every plant is installed properly. We plant thousands of trees, shrubs, perennials and plant at a time.

Care and Maintenance

Once the planting is completed, we will advise and guide you on the post care and maintenance required to keep your investment healthy. Remember too that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Any maintenance service we provide is designed and priced to save you money.

Did you know that often times improper maintenance is worse than no maintenance? For example, excessive mulch kills more plants than any insect or disease. Furthermore, bad pruning is worse than no pruning because it can gradually stress a plant until the insects or diseases come in to finish it off. The insects get the blame, however it was the gas powered hedge trimmer that killed the roses. If you are considering any pruning, call Decker’s Nursery first. It can be imperative to the health and longevity of your plants to be sure that pruning is done right by experienced professionals! Also remember that if you are looking for other maintenance recommendations we are always happy to assist you.