As the brilliant leaves of autumn fall to the ground and the blaze of color lessens in your yard as plants transition into being dormant, it’s time to enjoy the beauty of late fall and winter plants and flowers. If you’re in the Long Island area, we invite you to walk through our garden center to see stunning late fall and winter flowers, plants, and trees.

Our expert team can help you find exactly what you need to enhance your home during the chillier seasons. Questions? Contact us online or call (631) 261-1148.

Holiday Plants During the Thanksgiving Season

Fall pansies can be perfect when you want eye-catching flowers that can handle, even thrive in, colder temperatures. Although many gardeners plant pansies as annuals, if they’re protected well, they can bloom the next year. Plenty of color combinations exist and don’t be surprised if the flowers are poking through the first snow-cover that may arrive early.

Ornamental cabbages and kale are hardy plants that can provide contrasting texture and hues to your flower beds or container gardens. We also offer traditional fall decor, ranging from gourds and pumpkins to cornstalks—as well as solar lighting to accent your outdoor decorations.

Indoors, our Floral Department can create personalized holiday floral arrangements and centerpieces that will enhance any Thanksgiving table. For the special people in your life, our gift shop carries candles, fragrance baskets, plants and floral baskets. These make the perfect gifts your Thanksgiving dinner hosts. 

We recommend Thanksgiving as the cut-off date for planting gorgeous spring bulbs that will make you smile when the weather starts to warm. Visit our garden center for a selection of Allium, Daffodils, Hyacinth, Tulips, and more. 

Winter Flowers For Your Container Gardens

We have all you need to bring splashes of color and beauty in outdoor pots, from the right soil and fertilizer to the hardy plants that can take on the chill. Winter flowers can range from pansies to sweet alyssum and from petunias to asters and marigolds. Plus, you can add leafy vegetables and herbs in your winter container gardens: kale, arugula, mustard leaves and more, along with feverfew, lavender, oregano, parsley, and thyme.

To add a festive Christmas touch through the use of winter plants, pick from our diverse selection of decorative greens: boxwood, holly, juniper, and noble fir. You can also add miniature evergreens to gardens and, to save you time, we’ve got pre-made drop in pots for instant holiday appeal. 

Live Christmas Trees

If you’re in the Long Island, NY area and are seeking live Christmas trees for sale, know that we commit to having them ready for Black Friday, if not sooner. Browsing Christmas trees at Decker’s is a holiday tradition for many families. We invite you to stop by to see our unique display of live Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, and other greenery, all of which will fill your home with a delightfully fresh pine scent.

Christmas trees at Decker’s Nursery are grown in Quebec, Canada where the climate is ideal to naturally nurture balsam firs and fraser firs. If you’ve seen fir trees grown in other locales, you can really tell the difference between them and our trees in multiple ways, including through the:

  • hue of the needles
  • fullness and density of the tree canopy
  • straightness of the trunks

Here’s another key difference. With our live Christmas trees, you won’t experience premature or terminal needle drop. In fact, many of our customers call us and ask for recommendations on what to do with their tree because it still looks so beautiful after the holidays. If you like the idea of planting your holiday tree after the season ends, please take a look at our fresh spruce and blue spruce trees. They come in containers in manageable sizes so they can be replanted after your celebration ends. For best results, bring them inside as late as possible and then get them out as quickly as you can to help ensure the best replanting success.

When you come to Decker’s for your live Christmas trees, you’ll be pleased to see how we display them upright so that you can evaluate your choices completely. No surprises! We want you to be 100% satisfied with the tree you select. (Balsam fir and fraser fir trees range from five to twelve feet.) Once you’ve chosen yours, we’ll wrap it for you and secure it on your vehicle. Or we’ll arrange to deliver the tree to your home within 48 hours of purchase.

Then, if you need help setting up your tree, we can help! Just schedule a time for the installation, giving us five to seven days during the hectic holiday season.

Holiday Plants During the Christmas Season

So many choices exist! They include:

  • Poinsettia plants: Poinsettias are extremely popular and, although people typically refer to a “poinsettia plant,” they’re actually shrubs. They symbolize holiday cheer and, given appropriate post-Christmas care, they can continue to thrive indoors. In fact, with careful adherence to a regime of warmth, water, and filtered sun, they may even rebloom the following Christmas.
  • Christmas cactus: You can consider live Christmas trees, poinsettia plants, and the Christmas cactus as the holiday trifecta. Each is extremely popular with the Christmas cactus offering eye-catching blooms. What makes this type of cacti special: although it’s fairly bland looking throughout the year, Christmas magic brings it to life.
  • Paperwhite bulbs: In the midst of vibrant greens and radiant reds, the crisp whiteness of this type of narcissus bulb adds a lovely contrast. Plus, they’re fragrant, easy to grow and maintain, and work well indoors and out. Although we don’t normally think of a white flower as having a brilliant hue, paperwhite bulbs do.
  • Cyclamen: Add a sweet scent to your home with flowering cyclamen plants. Each summer, this flower—which comes in pink, red, white, and purple hues—goes dormant and then comes back to life each fall. Gorgeous leaves are shaped like hearts and often feature marbling in stunning silver.
  • Athyrium: There are actually about 180 species of this type of fern with the nickname of “lady fern.” You can plant them in the fall (avoid frost) and, although the fronds will disappear outside in the winter, they will return in spring. Or these lacy beauties can be used in indoor holiday floral arrangements.
  • Amaryllis bulbs: Amaryllis blooms in gorgeous shades of white, pink, salmon, red, and orange, and there are also multi-colored varieties that typically pair red or pink with white; some are even striped. Winter flowering time can be longer than in the spring

We also recommend helleborus, lavender, rosemary, tropical plants and more to decorate the indoors and bring you pleasure year round. Browse our air plants, succulent gardens, terrariums, and more for unique touches of greenery and as treasured gifts.

Holiday Floral Arrangements for Christmas

Our floral department has a passion for creating gorgeous holiday arrangements. Just let us know what you want and we can make that vision come to life.

Also browse our holiday shop where you can find unique gifts and decorations for indoors and out. These range from candles, decorating supplies, Christmas tree lights and accessories, ornaments and more. Plus, we’ve got one-of-a-kind gift baskets for the birders and gardeners in your life. 

If you’ve got someone who is hard to buy for, no worries. Our Garden in a Basket includes a variety of plants that will continue to provide joy after the holiday season has ended. The reality is that plants make ideal gifts for a wide range of people. Humans experience something called biophilia, which is a natural attraction to plants. 

Plants are a low maintenance, living gift—and being around fresh greens can help people feel relaxed and at peace. This is more important than ever as we spend more time indoors. Even on the coldest winter days, we can be intricately involved with nature. Plus, unlike cut flowers, they can last for years to come, just as long as the recipient nurtures them and treats them with love.

Live Christmas Wreaths, Garlands, and Other Greenery

Each of our live Christmas wreaths are crafted with the highest quality of greenery, professionally designed to capture the holiday spirit. These wreaths, along with our live Christmas garlands and greenery, use the freshest of firs—allowing you to bring the scent of the holidays home, both inside and out. 

Professionally designed and decorated live Christmas wreaths come in dozens of styles with outside diameters ranging from 12”-36”. Or, if you’d like a fully customized wreath, ask our floral department. They’ll help you choose a plain wreath, a bow, and decorations.

Live Christmas greenery and live Christmas garlands come in any length, using fresh boxwood, cedar, cypress, and white pine. 

Contact Decker’s Nursery for Your Holiday Plants

Our extensive retail garden center has exactly what you need to decorate your home during the holidays, indoors and out, with live Christmas trees and greenery, holiday flowers and winter plants, and much more. Plus, you can get just the right holiday floral arrangements for you and your loved ones. Stop by! Or contact us online or call us at 631-261-1148.