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Want to add a hint of magic to your garden? Check out these five enchanting fairy garden ideas to liven up your backyard.

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Gardening has several benefits for kids. Are you having trouble getting your child to take interest? Follow these tricks to make gardening for kids fun!

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Green thumbs do not come naturally to us all, but with these 10 tips you will have your friends asking you for tips and tricks to get their garden to flourish.

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We’re expecting a lot of questions following the holiday weekend from customers that want to know how to maintain the holiday plants that they received for Easter and Passover. In an effort to stick with our mission of being your horticultural resource center, we decided to provide you with everything you need to know in advance!

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March is an exciting time in the northeast, as we begin to transition out of winter and anticipate the spring ahead. We’ll surely have some pockets of nice weather, and there’s no need to be concerned with the possibility of snow or cold temperatures. The following Spring Annuals and Early Bloomers have been dealing with these conditions for a lot longer than we have.   It’s definitely time to get back outside and into your gardens. Keep your planting limited to trees, shrubs and Spring Annuals for now. Some of the following plant selections are the best performers for this time...

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