This is the time of year when remedies and maintenance are most needed. Pests, diseases and varmint do a lot of damage. Currently, the most active concern is the Red Lily Leaf Beetle. If you have Asiatic Lilies, and Daylilies, you probably noticed some chewing damage. This pest does a lot of damage quickly and it’s important to treat them as soon as they’re apparent. As the Beetle completes the adult stage, they will diminish, however, this may take several more weeks. Even if you don’t have evidence of damage now, continue to monitor closely. Most plants will return next year.

Repellents are becoming an important component of every gardeners tool bag. Whether you’re dealing with deer, rabbits, or raccoons these 4 legged pests will also do a lot of damage quickly. Rabbits have been losing their appeal lately and become the most common varmint.

When using repellents, use a scent repellent that makes the animal think there’s a predator nearby. The foul odor dissipates quickly to humans and remains active to deer and rabbits. The key with repellents is to be persistent when you begin. Do 2 treatments in the first week to break the habits of the pest. Then stretch the applications out to every week, then every 2 weeks. Never go more than 3-4 weeks without an application. We’re having good success with properties we treat in this manner. Don’t worry about weathering or irrigation negating the application. The products we offer are formulated to withstand the weathering conditions.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you to fertilize your annual flowers and tropicals. Hopefully, you’ve been good about fertilizing and see the results. Your flowers should be performing as they did in May. Lots of blooms and constant color. Remember that the heat and moisture stress during summer months puts a drain on the plants. Fertilizing will help them overcome the stress associated with summer months. There’s no reason that you can’t enjoy your containers and gardens until October, unless you forget to fertilize.

Vegetable gardens, and ornamental shrubs will benefit from fertilization at this time too. Woody plants are actively beginning to establish their root systems for next year. Providing a balanced fertilizer will assist the root development and assure healthier plants for fall, winter and next year.

Remember the most important part of our core value is “Your” garden resource center so Decker’s Nursery remains available to help you.