A great way to add personalization and charm to your outdoor garden is by incorporating garden statues, garden sculptures, and fountains.

We mention both statues and sculptures (we’ll get to fountains soon) because there are slight differences in the terms. A statue is a type of sculpture that is usually a replica of a person or animal, often quite large, that is either carved or cast. Carving involves taking a piece of material, perhaps stone or wood, and then slicing the material away to create a specific shape. Casting involves the use of a mold that shapes a material in the desired form. 

The results—something that you use to decorate and enhance the attractiveness of your garden—can be quite similar. The methods that the craftsperson uses to obtain those results, though, can be different. Statues and sculptures can be of people, such as a historic Greek or Roman person, or animals, gnomes, angels, Buddha or another religious figure, and more.

For the purposes of this post, we’ll use the terms “garden statues” and “garden sculptures” pretty interchangeably—and we offer plenty of these outdoor statues and sculptures at our retail garden center, as well as our online shop.

Tips to Enhance the Visual Appeal of Your Garden Statues

Decorating Your Garden With Sculptures

Asking how to decorate your garden with statues and fountains is similar to asking how to decorate your house. It largely depends on your personal taste and style, the size and shape of your garden, how you’ve laid out the beds, and so forth.  

Perhaps you’ve been influenced by one of the ancient cultures that used statuary: ancient Egypt, for example, or Greece or Rome. Or perhaps you’ve traveled to China, Japan, or Mexico, and you like their styles. Maybe you’ve brought outdoor statues from one or more of those places and you’d like to add them to your garden. Or perhaps you’ve moved from somewhere else in the United States and have brought along mementos from your former home that you want to incorporate into your new one. All of these scenarios are different, and so will the garden that’s inspired by them.

You may want to replicate a traditional English garden with wildflowers grown there. If so, investigate what sculptures might be found in such a garden. If wanting to hang Japanese lanterns, consider the abstract styles that would pair well with that.

Next, imagine yourself walking in your garden for the very first time. Consider its size and what focal points can capture the attention of visitors. As you settle on a decorating style, decide what size garden statues would do well and where. You’ll want them to attract attention without overwhelming the true stars: the plants you’re growing there. Often, you’ll underestimate the size of statues needed in an outdoor space, so consider this carefully. Also, figure out how far away a garden sculpture will be when first spotted; incorporate thoughts about what it would look like then as well as when someone walks up close to the statue. What about from your outdoor deck or patio?

If you’re still planning the plants you’ll grow and their sizes and styles, then you might decide to choose the outdoor statues that really grab your attention first, and then pick the plants that will dovetail well with them next. With that approach, you’ll have to pick plants that will thrive in the amount of sunshine and shade available in a particular spot. 

If you’ve already planted plants that you love and that look great and grow well in your garden, then pick the outdoor statues that will complement them. Make sure that shadows from the statues won’t make the growing environment less than ideal for the plants that surround them. If you’d like tips on landscaping your yard, here they are.

In large and open places, you might decide to place your most important garden statue. You might want to put smaller ones in niche places that will surprise and delight visitors as they walk through your garden.

Decorating Your Garden With Fountains

Brainstorm beyond statues of historical figures, mythical creatures, animals, and so forth. Also consider features like fountains, birdbaths, benches, and planters. Fountains, for example, can create a soothing ambiance whether they’re freestanding in your garden or mounted to a nearby wall. You might choose the latter if the space inside the garden is at a premium. 

With a fountain, it’s best to have clarity over where you’ll place it before making a purchase. To power the water and keep it circulating, you’ll probably need to leverage solar power or have electricity installed. At Decker’s Nursery, we offer fountains that range from contemporary in design to ones that will create an Italian Renaissance look, and plenty in between.

Here are more tips on how to decorate with a garden fountain. At a high level, choose the right size and style, and determine how much of a focal point you want it to be. How well will it mesh with the flowers, greenery, herbs, and vegetables that you’ve planted in that area? Envision how you’ll want to walk around the fountain, and create the appropriate pathways. Also, consider what small garden statues you might want to place around the fountain as well as seating (more about benches soon).

Don’t forget lighting whether the bulbs are white or brightly colored and whether they’re powered by solar, batteries, or wires. There’s something magical about pairing water devices like a fountain with sparkly lights, especially as night falls.

Closely related to fountains are birdbaths. Although maintaining birdbaths can take a bit more time and attention, you can be rewarded by visits from feathered friends. In fact, you can care for and enjoy birds around the calendar. Ask us about other ways to make your yard bird friendly and its benefits.

If you or your visitors appreciate sitting outdoors to see the garden, birds, statues, fountains, and more, consider strategically placing benches for rest and reflection. Perhaps you can put pedestals nearby to place your birdbaths, fountains, and carved/sculpted statuary. 

Finally, locate planters in eye-catching places and fill them with flowers and plants. To help with that, here’s information about refreshing your plants for the fall season. This can add a beautiful final touch to your garden, and we have many planters in a wide range of materials, sizes, and materials so you can follow your theme. Here’s more about the planters we offer.

Understanding the Cost of Garden Statues

When you want to decorate a garden with outdoor statues, fountains, birdbaths, benches, and more, you can do so within your budget. You may decide to go all in during one year or you can continue to enhance your garden each year until you reach your optimal design. The sizes and materials of what you choose will definitely have an impact on the cost of garden statues

To demonstrate this, here are more details about five of our most in-demand garden statues/garden sculptures:

  • Sitting Gargoyle: This choice is crafted out of cast stone, weighing 35 pounds with these dimensions: 8.25" L x 9.5" W x 12.25" H. This particular version is in Brownstone, but this design comes in your choice of thirteen different hand applied patina finishes, meaning that you can pick the hues that match your design. This selection costs $174.99 for each Sitting Gargoyle you order. 
  • Sitting Cherub: This is also a cast stone product available in thirteen different patinas; the one being shown is Alpine Stone. Weighing 22 pounds, here are the dimensions: 10.75" L x 8.5" W x 15" H. Costing $154.99 apiece, the Sitting Cherub is an excellent addition to your garden for you and others to appreciate. 
  • Cat on Pumpkin: This can be an ideal focal point in the fall and throughout the rest of the year. This cast stone statue weighs 45 pounds with these dimensions: 10.5" L x 10.75" W x 17.5" H. This color choice is called Terra Nera with a statue costing $234.99. This, just like our other garden statues, are sturdy and durable for usage for many years. 
  • Wine Time: This seven pound statue displayed in English Moss has these dimensions: 8" L x 7.5" W x 6" H. This adorable statue can complement just about any garden. Because each of the patinas are hand applied, each piece is actually unique, not exactly like any other outdoor statue. Each Wine Time cost $72.99. 
  • Coffee: Add touches of whimsy throughout your garden with this four pound statue with these dimensions: 7" L x 5" W x 6.25" H. Artistic and ornate, the price point of $72.99 and the statue’s versatility (thirteen different colors) means you can choose what’s right for your garden. 

If you have questions about other garden sculptures, including fountains, birdbaths, benches, pedestals, and more, just contact our expert team or stop by during our open hours. We love to help people design and create the garden of their dreams.

Materials Most Used for Your Garden Statues

Common materials used in outdoor statues can include wood, marble, resin, metals, concrete, and stone. As you’ll notice from our descriptions of popular garden statues, cast stone is a commonly used material because statues can be available in a range of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, requiring less maintenance than other materials while being durable and strong. They can be especially good choices in geographies where winters get cold (such as New York) and, when they are made using quality standards (such as those by Campania International, available at Decker’s Nursery), they seldom crack.

They can be heavier than some other materials, so consider where you want them placed before doing so. This fact is balanced out by the reality that cast stone statues offer a good investment into your garden and home. 

Consider the Seasons

As you choose your garden sculptures, if you plan to manage your garden year round, think about what styles and colors will enhance your garden throughout the seasons. Although it’s natural to associate the blooming of flowers in the spring, there are seasonal flowers for each of them. Keep in mind what you might want to plant and nurture during each season as you’re making your choices of outdoor statues.

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