Nothing says Christmas more than picking out a tree! You may have winter houseplants around your home to help with the nostalgia for gardening, but nothing beats the attention and care a real Christmas tree needs. It is sure to bring the holiday cheer no matter what situation you're in. Don't get any of those fake trees either; artificial trees cause more pollution than you'd think.

Is getting a real Christmas tree is wasteful if you can't make it last for the whole holiday season? YOU CAN MAKE IT LAST! By following certain Christmas tree care tips, all listed here for you, that tree can bring joy and happiness to your home even past Christmas Day. 

1. Choose a Cleared-Out Location for the Tree

The location of the tree in your home will determine how long it lasts. It is very important to keep your tree in areas away from heat sources. It should be away from your fireplace or heater placements.

A heat source too close to your tree can dry it out at a much faster rate. In some cases, exposing the tree to high temperatures will make it burn. This isn't as uncommon as you may think, an average of 170 home fires occur each year due to Christmas trees.

It pays to be careful and take extra precautions where you can. Your home's corners are the safest places since they are away from heat sources and decrease the likelihood of the tree getting knocked around.

If you need to decorate your trees with lights, place it near an electric outlet. You might need an extension cord if that isn't possible.

2. Place Floor Covers on the Tree's Location

The best-case scenario is to use a real sewn tree skirt to cover the floor. But if you want to save on money, you can use Christmas-themed papers instead since it helps protect your floor from water while maintaining a festive atmosphere.

3. Put the Tree in Water ASAP

Once you buy your Christmas tree, it's important to put it in water as soon as you get home. You need to do this within 8 hours or it might be too late. Saw off an inch or two of the tree's bottom if it isn't a fresh cut.

Use a tree stand filled with fresh water and let the tree rest there. An alternative before you set up the stand is to use a bucket of water. Make sure to place the tree in a cool place or it might dry out faster.

4. Use the Right Stand

Taking care of Christmas tree means having the right stand for it. It should fit the trunk's diameter in a comfortable manner. It is better to adjust the stand to fit the tree than vice versa. Whittling down the trunk makes it easier for the tree to dry out.

It is recommended to give a quart of water per inch of the diameter of the stem. That's why it's important to get a tree stand with a large water reserve. After all, real trees can take around a gallon of water within the first few hours.

5. Replenish the Tree's Water Supply at Regular Rates

Depending on your tree size, it might need a lot of water to survive. Make sure to watch out for the waterline. Make sure that the cut part of the tree's trunk stays well below it.

There are a lot of myths when it comes to extending water life. Don't add chemicals in the water like aspirin or lemon soda since it does nothing to make the tree fresher for longer periods of time. It can pose as household dangers since it can sicken pets that drink from it.

Live trees tend to have more relaxed and open branches once they're indoors. Make sure to allow space when choosing the tree's location. This prevents its more open branches from getting in the way.

6. Check for Sap Leakage and Collect Fallen Pine Needles

It's always important to check if tree sap leaks out from the tree on a regular basis. It might make a mess on nearby furniture or the floor covers. You can remove these leaks sooner if you discover them earlier.

Live Christmas trees will shed their pine needles through the course of their stay. It isn't hard to remove fallen needles; all you need is a dustpan and a handheld vacuum. Don't use larger ones since the needles can clog it up after long periods of use.

Make it a point to do this on a daily basis to ensure it doesn't make a giant pile. The needles aren't pleasing to the eyes. Also, it might pose some additional safety risks for your children or pets.

7. Avoid I-V Types of Water Supply and Antitranspirants

There are some devices that supply water to drilled holes into the tree trunk's sides. While that might seem an attractive choice, it isn't as effective as watering trees using the traditional stand. So, it's better to stick to the water-holding tree stands to make your tree last longer.

Antitranspirants don't help that much when you're trying to prevent moisture loss. Most sellers say that it's a miracle product that blocks evaporation from your tree surface. The truth is that they lose a lot of their potency when used on cut trees displayed within the confines of your home.

8. Monitor the Tree for Dryness

Look at the needles and feel whether they're drying out or becoming brittle. If they break or fall off in your hand without effort, the tree is already dried off. That means you need to remove it from your house.

Learn About Real Christmas Tree Care Today!

A well-cared-for Christmas tree can remain fresh for at least three weeks before it dries out, that's why it's important to follow these real Christmas tree care tips to make the most out of your money.

Don't let your Christmas celebration break your budget with trees drying out before the holiday season is over.

Do you need real trees and other plants for your holiday needs? Contact us today and we can help you. We look forward to communicating with you soon.