Christmas is not a time for holding back. Indeed, one study found that the average person in the US will fork out $633 on their festivities this year. That's a considerable sum! Where does the money go?! Gifts, food, travel ... and decorations. In fact, decorations, in general, will amount to over 10% of your overall holiday bill.

Your front yard is one particular area you can get creative with such festive spending. But how do you put the money to good use? How can you ensure your outdoor decorations will be the envy of your neighbors this festive season? We want to help! Keep reading to discover 7 ideas for how to incorporate your outdoor Christmas decorations in your front garden.

7 Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas for Your Front Yard

Get ready to get creative with your front yard!

1. Illuminate Your Walkways

The pathway leading up to your house is prime Christmas decoration territory.

Almost everyone has some sort of walkway to their front door. It's a symbolic space. After all, this is the route people will take to the festivities in your home. Why not make the most of it?

You've got all sort of options.

Consider adding lighting along the sides. It doesn't need to be expensive. Far from it: even placing candles inside empty jars can add a Christmas-y ambiance that will light the way to your door. Failing that, fairy lights will do the same trick (read more on how to create your very own fairy garden).

Whichever way you do it, illuminating your walkways is a favorite outdoor decoration idea you're sure to love.

2. Grow/Plant the Classic Christmas tree

Nothing screams Christmas like a Christmas tree.

Having one in your garden is an awesome way to decorate your front garden. We've seen it done in different ways. Some people opt to plant it in their yard purely for the festive season. Others will grow it throughout the year to have something to decorate come Christmas.

The choice is yours, but however it gets there, try decorating the tree with fairy lights, tinsel, fake snow, baubles and all other forms of classic decorations.

It is impossible not to feel festive with this addition to your front yard!

3. Wrap Fairy Lights around Your Trees

The trees in your garden offer the ultimate outdoor decoration opportunities.m One highly recommended option is to wrap them with outdoor fairy lights.

This will make any tree look incredible. But the effect is best on your deciduous trees. Where they've lost their leaves, your ashes, hornbeams, maples, aspens, birches and so on, will look glorious when illuminated in the night times.

Be careful when getting them up there to decoreate. Use a ladder and be sure to seek support where necessary.

4. Add a Festive Flurry to Your Hedges

Don't forget your hedges! With the right sort of decorations, these oftten overlooked garden features can be made to shine at Christmas time.

You could opt for more fairy lights, but why not add shining lanterns in there instead? Or you can sprinkle them with a healthy showering of fake snow. This combination of light and white will be sure to give your garden the Christmas-y look you're after.

5. Festive Wreathes and Window Boxes

Your front door and windows should also receive some festive treatment this year. What better way to do so than with a classic wreath on your door and holiday additions to your window boxes?

Nothing screams Christmas like a wreath. You could either make your own with decorative plants or buy a pre-prepared one. Either way, it will add an awesome final touch to your household.

Likewise, adding festive touches (think holly leaves, lights, fake snow and certain Christmas props) to your window boxes will give your front garden an extra special festive feel.

6. Incorporate Festive Props

Your front garden isn't complete without its own set of seasonal props.

This is where Santa could make an appearance. Or his trusty reindeer companion, Rudolph (or any reindeer for that matter). Or some festive elves alongside a few large, wrapped gifts?

It's up to you. But whatever you include, try to exercise restraint. It's easy to go overboard, which can give your garden a tacky look. Do it right and these sorts of props can be exactly the kind of Christmas yard decorations to elicit the festive cheer this year.

7. Dress Up Your Columns

A house with columns on its front porch has the ideal features to decorate for the holidays. Add garlands in a spiral up the columns to brighten up your Christmas evenings.

If garlands aren't to your taste, try multicolored lights instead. Red and green lights spiraling up and down your columns can be a great alternative. Another creative idea is to wrap your column with a shimmering cellophane. Accompanied by lights this can give an icy outside appearance.

Whatever you do to decorate your columns, such efforts will help to frame your front porch and create a uniquely festive look.

Time to Get Decorating!

There you have it: 7 ideas for your outdoor Christmas decorations this year.

Studies show that Christmas decorations are likely to be a key component of your festive expenditure. And how you decorate your front garden may well be a particularly pressing concern.

Hopefully, these ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing.

There are masses of outdoor decoration options and illuminating your walkways, adding a Christmas tree and putting fairy lights in your deciduous trees are all special ways of showcasing your front garden. Putting a wreath on your front door, decorating your window boxes and hedges, while adding the occasional prop and dressing your columns up, will all add those extra special touches.

Now we'd like to hear from you! Which outdoor garden decorations are you considering for your home this year?

Let us know in the comments! Oh, and be sure to contact us to find out how we can cover all of your plant and landscaping needs this Christmas!